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on the back

We all know that backpacks have a specific slot but it would be nice to put it on you back like a slung rifle.

There's already a slot for slung rifles, on the upper left torso.
That being said, once you're able to carry everything by vehicle or other means, it would be nice to use that slot for something else, no idea what, though.

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hold a second, you can actually SLING YOUR RIFLE? i never actually knew that, i thought the sling made it lighter or something...
well i feel kind of stupid now

i think i've invested too much time in this game when i'm carrying a first-aid box full of ketchup packets.

Yeah, the slot for the slung rifle is hard to see, it took me a while to figure out how to use the sling.
(The sling makes the rifle slightly heavier, actually)

Also known as NimSpork1 on the wiki.