Have looters carry $$$

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Have looters carry $$$

Hey guys,

is it just me who thinks it odd that I am the only person carrying dollars from the junk market?

I mean as a looter it is actually pretty easy to get cash from the junk market, so why would the player be the only one to have money? And if I kill looters left and right and steal their pants and shoes, why not some $ they made at the junk market too? Just a thought.


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That's a good point. Someone else was asking why NPCs couldn't be looted when unconscious, either. So I added both suggestions to my list.


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I agree with "loot while unconscious"... would save me kicking folks to death so much!

I think most looters wouldn't have much if any "cash" on them, however; they'd rely on barter. Then again, I'm not too keen on the game having too much emphasis on currency at all... I'd rather have to barter value-for-value at the Junk Market than hand over a bunch of heavy stuff and gain weightless money in its place. That feels a bit too "normal world" and not "post apocalypse world" to me, to be honest.

Just my personal feeling, though. I just like "Oh, rifle ammo at last! Guess I need to trade my precious antibiotics if I want some" more than "Hmm, do I have enough cash to afford that item or do I need to scavenge and sell more junk first?" :)

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Been mulling this a bit and I've come to a conclusion. We aren't carrying around currency of any kind at all. We simply have credit at the market! Just happens that they have access to some sort of DMC banking database. They simply set you up with an account, and deposit/withdraw funds from said account as needed.

I mean c'mon! Individual ketchup packets have weight and a stack takes up room in your inventory, but thousands of dollars don't? Whatever...

And quite frankly, I don't understand the argument against cash in the first place. The first time you encounter it is just outside a MASSIVE WALLED CITY who are probably well past the whole "trade you this for that" simply because it is supposed to be a crowded metropolis where you don't necessarily want to carry EVERYTHING YOU OWN for the chance that somebody is willing to give you what you want/need, but only if you have that one thing in trade!

Let's be honest, if there wasn't paper money or some equivalent, you'd only be able to trade for your night vision goggles if you had exactly 100 ketchup packets to trade for them. Because the goggles are that valuable and he hasn't gotten any ketchup packets recently. What do you expect him to do, go to the store and BUY ketchup... Oh that's right, he can only buy ketchup with crackers because that's the only thing the guy who has all the ketchup is interested in trading for... And where does he got those? That's right! The guy who is only interested in trading for dwinkies! paper or plastic makes things so much easier for everyone in a market much larger than the junk market...

But that's just my 2cents...

Right now we have to wait to see what inside of DMC will bring. Maybe there will be a overhaul of money rules...

But my point against money is that this is supposed to be a survival game but with credit-like cash system and shop buying everything you bring it's just momentary becomes too easy. Once you arrive close to the market you can grind ruins (that are right next to it) indefinitely for cash. It's really not a big problem to safely gather couple of thousands of dollars fast.

Bartering item for item, without spare change would be more challenging since you would had to actually bring items worth something every time you plan to make some trade as opposed to doing one big trash haul form the neighborhood to build up a near-unlimited credit like it is right now.

Other way to deal with that would be to establish, for example, 20 tile radius zone around city that is considered totally looted and ruins in it yield nothing more than rags, screws and an occasional packet of ketchup.

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I think you guys are making compatible, valid points. Near the DMC, cash/credit makes more sense than barter just due to proximity to a large economy. Further out, those without regular access to the DMC economy will probably take useful items over money, since they can't eat money.

And as Kaaven points out, part of the problem is that scavenging tiles should be less profitable near the DMC. Folks would've already picked them clean.

I think what I need to do is ramp down loot from scavenging near the DMC. Also, make money something that can only be used in certain places, like the DMC and some well-heeled traders who have dependable access to the DMC.

I've already sort of tried this by making Zom Zom's accept barter only for admission. Though, in retrospect, they probably can afford to send a caravan to the DMC periodically for supplies. But then, their clientele wouldn't necessarily have cash. So I guess it still makes sense for them to use barter instead.

Overall, the world of NEO Scavenger has some polar extremes coexisting. Some areas are modern, bustling cities with local currencies. Other areas are scattered settlements where barter is the rule of the day. The trick will be making both work in game mechanics.

But I should stop myself before I get carried away. I'm still on "vacation" :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

the idea of money in a post-apocalyptic world seems odd to me even more so that it can't be taken of the ground after looting/scavenging even if it is weight less and doesn't take up space in your inventory is a bit odd.


Even if society brakes down, you'd still need to exchange goods and services. Money is a useful medium of exchange.

And there is an organized society in Neo Scavenger, it's called the DMC. That's why there is money.

Anyway, I agree that we should be able to loot money from corpses.

I approve of this idea/point.

I might be crazy but I like the thought of money being an actual, stackable item. Something like the scraps of paper you get when shredding up newspapers. Hell, could even have different bills will varying values. Change/coins might being going a little too far unless you'd want to make some quarter shells ala RE: Afterlife ;3

As for inventory management while at the market, you could replace the current money counter with a kind of "one day only store credit" thing. i,e you barter some things but don't have enough inventory space to hold the money so where the current counter is now, it would read the amount you haven't picked up while the money still lies on the ground.

I like that idea. Also - coin-shrapnel bomb?

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Oh my... please! :D

I've been running off the idea that the DMC has an electric system of currency, tied to your thumbprint, retnia scan, or something. Anyway, you have cash you can use with merchants, but no one is going to try to rob your rich ass, because they can't get access. On the down side, you can't rob them either.

I like the money idea a lot. I often kill looters and destroy most or all of their gear. I keep ammo and meds because they're easy to carry and I dont like making unnecessary market trips. Most of the time I find that im just killing them for the heck of it. Its cool that there is little of value near the city, it prevents easy cash accumulation.

Currently there isn't enough to spend money on. I can buy the bio augments within a few hours of play. I love that ammo is relatively scarce so being able to buy massive amounts of it would kill the game for me.

I love this idea!