Stacking Fix Cont'd, and PR

Hope everyone had a good weekend! It was a pretty PR-heavy day for me today. I had my first podcast interview this morning, and I talked about myself and my plans a lot :)

I'll be sure to post a link once the podcast goes live, so watch this space!

I also had some very educational chats with another indie dev, which is always welcome. Trading tips and tricks, and talking shop is a rare thing now that I work solo. Lars is one of the devs working on Defender's Quest, which is another game that had to tackle many of the same issues NEO Scavenger does (e.g. getting the word out with a small marketing budget, handling sales and distribution, multi-platform builds, etc.).

He's got a free demo up on his site, and it runs in your browser. Check it out!

Stacking Bug Cont'd

Work on the stacking system rewrite continues. I actually got most of the basic changes done today, and I'm a few lines away from the game compiling again. Once the game compiles, we'll have to see what kinds of crazy stuff broke as a result of the system redesign.

Stacking is attached to so many things, I'll have to test a wide range of use cases, including adding and removing items from stacks in containers, in slots, selling/buying stacks and partial stacks, items degrading from stacks, etc. In fact, just typing that reminds me that items degrading from in the middle of a stack are probably not working yet, so I've made a note to check that tomorrow.


Hopefully, I can at least get things running again tomorrow, and see if our magical recipe swapping bug is finally fixed. Then, I need to check out some of the bugs that have crept into recent builds. Never a dull moment here in Blue Bottle Games!

Have a good night, all!


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Hello, I know you fixed the stacking , but where is the link to the podcast ? :) <a href="" class="js-hide">masin</a>