Wearing a squirrel pelt tunic prevents the player from accessing his hoodie's pockets

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Wearing a squirrel pelt tunic prevents the player from accessing his hoodie's pockets

If the player wears a squirrel pelt tunic over his hoodie he won't be able to access the items in the hoodie's pockets. The items are visible but can't be interacted with, and hovering the cursor over them won't show the info popup about the item.


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I do believe that this is INTENTIONAL, as you can't get your hands to the pocket without taking the tunic off.

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Yer, I thought it was intentional too, cos you've got a giant tunic on, and you can still get into your jean's pockets.

Edit: Just found this on 2nd page:

It's actually accidental. I added the pocket to the hoodie without realizing something could be worn over it, and the game loses track of the pocket when that happens.

Probably the most straightforward thing to do is to hide the pocket when another item is over it. However, that makes the UI a bit tedious, even if it is realistic.

I'll have to think on that for a bit. The torso is one of the few slots that allows more than one item layered, and with containers, that gets tricky.

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This is just a random idea, but what if the compartment was removed in favor for a different item that uses the slot, perhaps a fanny pack or a tool belt?

Even modern day overcoats and overalls/coveralls/boiler suits can have slits to let you get at pockets of layers or clothes beneath. I don't think it is beyond the ability of Man to do the same with a squirrel tunic.

Yeah and anyway, if you're modelling these considerations down to the level of "which leg do I put into my jeans first?" you're appealing to a very limited market... I would advise just letting people use all the pockets as normal without extra fiddling.