Stacking Bug

Well, I broke something :)

As some of you pointed out on the forums, consuming stacked items fails to decrease the stack count. Looks like a bug I introduced by fixing a disappearing item bug. Sorry about that!

I've started looking into a fix today, and it's actually a pretty involved bug. Since it's going to involve a lot of changes anyway, I think what I'm going to do is try to update the stacking code to allow whole objects to be stored in the stack. In other words, stacks will consist of several different items in a list, and not just one item duplicated 5 times.

Hopefully, this will fix the consuming stack bug. What's more, it should fix the infinite recipe/newspaper bug, and stop items from changing condition when added to a stack with a different condition/durability. Woohoo! Finally!

It's tricky, though, and it affects several places in the code. I started making changes, but they'll have to continue next week.

For now, it's officially beer o'clock. So hope everybody has a great weekend, and see you Monday!


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Good to know you are working on a fix for the infinite recipe/newspaper bug as well :)

Have a good one.