Ignore Dogmen. Aquire iSlabs.

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Ignore Dogmen. Aquire iSlabs.

ITT: I'm making a semi-serious proposal that the currency for NEO Scavenger be measured in iSlabs.

Hear me out on this one.

Right now money is this imaginary thing that has no mass, no basis in reality, and no practical use in the real world. Your average thug or caravaneer doesn't know what a dollar is any more than they understand how to calculate the R-Value of the newpaper insulation in their cardboard shelter. Currency really has no value or basis in trade when there is no centralized government to establish & hold its value.

On the other hand, iSlabs are plentiful. They seem to show up everywhere. 99% of the time I discard them. Often I leave piles of the things in my wake after scavenging through small clusters of homes & buildings. They're not exactly common, but they're not so rare as to be unique artifacts. Like artifacts, they are relics of the old world, and as such there is a finite amount of them in theory. Of course, there are actually an infinite amount of them because they are randomly generated on the looting table, but that's not relevent here.

Also, iSlabs are mysterious & full of wonder. Most of them probably have a little bit of power left in them, and will function if you know how they operate. They contain arcane knowlege of the old world, such as the teachings of the ancient pagan dieties known as the LOLcats, as well as the aphoristic proverbs known simply as "memes." They appear to have odd abilities known as "apps" that allow them to do many things ranging from creating light to predicting the weather.

In short, they have no practical value for survival, but they are items that have a definite, tangible value in a non-practical sense in the same way as gold or precious gems. That makes them perfect for barter.

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I'm wondering if iSlabs become a form of currency in a different way: because they're little geodes of technology for an electrician. Think about it, with a proper tool, you can break it down into a few handy components: screws, battery for the laser rifle, wires, screen for the Hatter or, uh.... screen for the Hatter! Or, you can see about Hacking it for any data that might tell you something useful like a recipe or a potential stash to find. Maybe you can extract bank account info from their knockoff App store to get you some real money.

I know it was mentioned that there's a lot of ideas going here, so I don't know what can be done out of this, but there's a lot of potential in a micro=sized piece of Information Age hardware.

What if we just give money real mass? Then we could find them off of looters and bandits.

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I like some of the ideas mentioned here. iSlabs definitely represent a valuable item to the right person, from the data they hold to the parts they are built from. And the apps they can run would help urban and wilderness users alike. In fact, this reminds me of OLPC's recent experiment in Ethiopia.

I plan to make technical skills a bit more important in the future, so that will hopefully help a bit. And as for the currency problems you describe, I agree. I posted some thoughts on the topic over here.

Hopefully, we can both have more sensible trade, and more useful iSlab/tech skill usage!

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I do remember playing AD&D and D&D, it was natural for players on higher levels to switch from Gold Coins to gems of all kinds because gold was too heavy and cumbersome to carry around (if I remember right it was 10 grams per coin = 1kg per 100 coins, with prices of even lesser magical items in thousands, one needed a cart to carry necessary amounts around). Here I see potential of iSlab to become a gem of NEO Scavenger (with antibiotics still making more sense).

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I remember in the Fallout games there was a similar design with the money. At points it became more convenient to carry and trade with drugs for its high value and low weight compared to money, with only a small amount of cash used for exact change.

Arcanum too had weighty cash that took up inventory space, I believe. With large parties this was a minor issue, but it could be annoying to have to clear your inventory or use a cart to carry about the money required for your higher end purchases.

as long as the iSlab 2 doesn't come out in 2 months, costing 1.5 iSlabs.

then i'd second this idea xD