Retreating into new battle leading to instant death?

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Retreating into new battle leading to instant death?

Hi guys,

just died in my best playthrough so far. I brought the Urn to the hatter and waitet for the security level to lower to get into the glow (does this ever happen btw?) Was well fed, well rested, had a backpack full of clean water and around 2000$ cash.

What happended? After scavanging through the buildings around the junk market to pass time and earn some cash I chased away several looters and scavangers with my slinged scoped hunting rifle. Worked pretty well so far. Than I ran into a dogmen and decided to run away instead of wasting ammo and let all the raiders around deal with it.

Than I ran into a week, frail looter who darted away from me and this is were my game broke. I was unable to move and time passed on like crazy leaving me dead from dehydration.

I was at full health, full food and fully hydratet (with boiled water) and stuffed with antibiotiks. I had strong, athlethic, tough and medic perks... and so I wonder to myself how did this happen? Did I miss something? Or was this really a broken game somehow?

Will download the new beta now and try again... still this was kinda frustrating :-/

Hey Aerouge,

That sounds like a bug. There isn't any normal game behavior that should result in time passing like crazy until death.

Some folks have described a similar bug to this in the past, but I thought I had fixed it. I guess I'll have to keep looking.

Out of curiosity, was this build 0.953? And was this a character started in an older version? I'm just trying to think of ways to reproduce the issue on my end, so I can try to fix it.

Sorry about that, and thanks for posting the info!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hi Dan,
sorry for the late reply, but had a busy weekend.

For your questions: Yes it was in version: 0.953. The downloadable .exe for windows.

The character was started in that version (was the first version I ever played anyway :) ).

And I really think it glitched from running out of a fight into a fight. As an advice on how to reproduce: Spawn several looters so that the hexes around your position are occupied. Than spawn a new mob in your hex and retreat from the fight into another. As a player it is hard to reproduce this situation, and I guess I was just unlucky that I hit the 1 in 6 chance of running into the single occupied field arround me.

I wish I could help you out somehow. But the .exe does not spawn some kind of log-file somewhere or does it?

As a thought for future development, maybe implement some kind of "create debug.log" option in the death screen that contains infos you need for debugging and players could send you if they die to something they consider a bug. Wether it´s a log of game-events or a save made the turn after player-death... whatever helps you most :)

I am not in a position to decide wether this would cost more time to develop than it saves you in bug-hunting, but as a fellow programmer I learned to know and value my "crash.log" files ;-)

Regards Aerouge