Finally! Data-Entry Done!

Phew! That was a long stretch of data entry, but I think I've finished typing, copying, and pasting my way through reams of mini encounters.

Testing The "Mini Encounter"

I was able to enter the last few this afternoon, and run a few tests. It was actually kinda cool running into some random ones on the map. I was so used to seeing them in SQL form, I forgot what the actual choice icons corresponded to, and what the risks and rewards were. I think they manage to hit the target of those old-school RPG and strategy game vignettes.

We'll have to see how they feel to you guys, and whether the frequency is too low or not. They won't happen very often, but hopefully should spice things up from time-to-time.

Music Fixes

During testing, I also noticed the music wasn't firing at the correct times (and weirdly stopped when adjusting volume), so I had to do some bug fixing. However, I think I've got it working now, and we'll see how the current timing/delay feels in practice (roughly 5-10 minutes between random tracks being played).

What's more, I feel like a new build can be done in the next few days!

Man, it was good to be in the code again. Content creation is such a slow and tedious process, while subtle code changes can make a big difference. It felt like I was really cruising when writing code this afternoon.

Unfortunately, it's hard to have one without the other, so there will always be slow spots in development. Code doesn't do much without content to affect!

OOO Tomorrow Morning

Just a heads-up, I'll be out of the office tomorrow morning running errands in town. I need to hitch a ride with Rochelle to pick up some postcard supplies and groceries, so I probably won't be checking emails until later in the day.

Just wanted you to know what was up, in case any emergencies arise.

Have a good night, all. And see you tomorrow!


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Excellent work! I love the updates. :)

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YAY!! Can't wait!!