dali llama approach

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dali llama approach

after getting whupped a few times being a tank, i tried another tactic.

conflict avoidance. tracking(to cover my tracks) hiding botany/trapping frail lockpick

this is a different way to play, and it hinges completely on not getting in a fight. i constantly cover my tracks/ watch for other folks from hill tops, use hiding when scavenging(which means i get less-which is why i need lockpick).

and while this isn't very 'manly' i find it very fun. and actually, successful. as long as i take my time, i seem to live a pretty long life.

anyone else go this route?

go forth

I generally play this style when trying to survive and only attacking looters, unless I have to fight them (eg: dogman at night, in only known city tile for >2 tiles), in which case I shoot at them with all the ammo I save from not fighting.

Generic build that I use when doing this: Feeble, Medic, Tracking, Lockpicking, Athletic and Botany (usually swapped out for something else for a more refined style).

Also known as NimSpork1 on the wiki.

I've been finding it interesting playing that route but only when Dogmen start to become a surplus. I find that one cleans out the other quite a bit and then the Dogmen slowly die out from starvation. It's like I'm watching that pyramid of primary and tertiary consumers clean itself along the way.

This is how i play. Total conflict avoidance. I go:

Athletic, Botany, Trapping, Hiding, Fragile, Medic.

With these skills i can run away from any problem, and with goggles, hiding, botany and trapping, once i have a squirrel snare forests can be scavenged in any condition with pretty much 100% in sneak, safety and scavenge. This makes it really easy to survive, as i always have good food and water sources.

With hiding, crowbar and goggles, intact buildings can also be scavenged with high sneak, safety and loot too. So far i've had no encounters and few accidents from scavenging with this setup. Goggles are essential for the low risk rate though (destroyed and crumbling buildings are another issue). With a crowbar you can also break into locked sheds with a pretty high loot chance, and trapping keeps you safe.

When accidents do happen, even though you are fragile, medic helps you get ship-shape better. If you manage to pick up any diseases, medic also helps in identifying and fixing yourself. Although fights can occur, with athletic it's really easy to sprint away, and even though you don't have tracking, you can still hide your tracks. Once you have a decent amount of ammo, you can threaten people. If they keep coming, you just get some distance then shoot. After they've got a rifle bullet in the leg they tend to back off. Also, if you're playing conflict avoidance fragile is a no brainer for me cos i plan on not getting hit!

I experimented with ranged instead of medic for awhile cos of this tactic towards fights, but i just don't think there's enough ammo that is easily found to warrant it over another skill.

With this set-up once my guy is pimped out i just spend my time in forests eating squirrels and drinking tea. Only time i scavenge buildings is to look for ammo. Currently have 20 SP and 11 FMJ ammo, so gonna start exploring and trying to find these new encounters.