How to remove poison ?

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How to remove poison ?

Hello everybody !

Can somebody tell me how to remove poison from my character body ?


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Outlive it :P
Apparently the nano med kit should fix it, but at the end of the day it's a health condition so if possible rest it out... if you can't remmember to note you're achievement 'sweet release'.

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Thanks .

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
And anyway I told the truth
And I'm not afraid to die.

I haven't added any antidote/antitoxins yet, apart from the nanorobotic medkit. In practice, many types of poisons are untreatable. And the ones that can be treated require very specific antitoxins or treatments. So I wanted to avoid the traditional RPG trope of "cure-all antidotes" for generic poison.

As a result, poisoning is just a condition that must be waited out. The primary risk is dehydration during it's course. However, there's also a chance the poisoning will advance to a fatal state.

If there's time, I think it'd be cool to make poison/venom more specific, and start adding specific treatments. For example, the "death cap" mushroom toxin is largely untreatable, but can be mitigated by the use of activated carbon paste, which many EMTs carry. It must be used before symptoms appear, however.

With more specific treatments and cases, it would still be dangerous to be poisoned, in practice. But at least there would be some options available for dealing with it.

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How about an emetic? That would at least catch the "oh crap, I just accidentally ate a known-bad mushroom/berry" forms of inadvertant suicide. Also, there might be further uses – for instance squirrel meat with a dose of an emetic hidden inside. You toss it at attacking dogmen, they eat it and then fall and become vulnerable as they're busy vomiting.

As for the effect on the player, an emetic could decrease the character's food level (on account of the stomach being emptied) and reduce the strength of any poisonous food eaten in the current or last turn by a random amount. The effects shouldn't stack.

It's not a cure-all and it comes with a price but I'm certain that botanists will still want to keep at least one dose on them for those flashes of brilliance where they try to remove a stack of death caps form the crafting area with the "consume" cursor...

:A I totally agree with that.

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Seconded, except for poisoning the dogman emetic. They are only interested in live food, and even if they weren't, their sense of smell would detect something "off" about the meat.

I like the emetic reducing the effects of poison at the cost of severe hunger/ thirst.

But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! The botanist already knows what they're handling, and everyone else is randomly eating deathcaps so that is clearly their own fault!