Unable to exit Cryo - awesome fight

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Unable to exit Cryo - awesome fight

Hi, great game !im having a problem, when i start a game and i pick strong, melee and athletic perks and defeat the first creature, my char thinks the fight was so awesome that he wants the footage of it. when he retrieves it, i can't do anything else.I confirm that im done getting the footage and then i cannot interact with the window or anything else.thanks

The footage is currently "held" by your cursor - Open your inventory (press "I") and place it in one of your hands. After that, you'll be good to go.

I had a similar problem.  For me it was using nightvision to get the multitool in the crygen lab.  Once the multitool was attached to my cursor the inventory button disappeared.  At the time I hadn't known about the inventory hotkey so I can't say whether I could get into inventory.I haven't been able to reproduce this, though.


Hey nicomielni! Thanks!Yeah, lots of people are running into this. I wish I could force it to happen on my PC, so I could debug it. I've tried every treasure-granting combo in that encounter, but the "Items" buttons always appears for me.But as Jyden and oyog point out, the "I" key (also "Q") are hotkeys for the "Items" screen, so you can work around the issue that way.

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