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Custom Assets

Hey guys, much like everyone else here I am an avid fan of Neo Scavenger.
I played the demo and bought the game rather quickly, played up until I stumbled on the wiki and found out all that I had seen was pretty much it at that point. But I wanted more.

As some of you know, .swf files are not open to modding, so that option isn't on the table (I already make art assets for Flash animation/interactive games so my original plan was to mod for my own experience).

If it is alright with everyone and Dan, I just want to use this thread as a depository for custom art assets, which are built in-line with the same aesthetics as the original stuff in the game.

(note; although they have backgrounds, the assets are actually on transparent backgrounds and sized the same as in-game items).

This is purely to raise this concept with everyone else and also illustrate some ideas that other people have put forward. I'm not taking a dig at anyone who has written a list or anything at all, mine is the same idea, but with the art to show how it might look in-game. Feel free to add suggestions or criticism.


To start it off here are some melee weapons;

low-level weapon (melee)
no recipe

combat knife
high-level weapon (melee)
no recipe

glass wrapped with rag
crafted-emergency weapon (melee)
glass/broken bottle + dirty rag

broken bottle
disposable emergency weapon (melee)
empty glass bottle + melee skill


wooden spear
low-level crafted weapon (melee)
wooden branch + ravager

quality spear
medium-level crafted weapon (melee)
wooden spear + knife + threads + dirty rag + ravager

short-ranged firearm (ranged)
no recipe

hunting vest - folded/unfolded
clothing; bonus to sneak/concealment, more pockets
no recipe

I love the idea of the hunting vest plus i also have something to add for the revolver perhaps a holster it would work like the rifle sling my simple idea of how it would be made would be this

5x squirrel pelts
10x strings and twine
1x multitool

Then again that's how i think it would be crafted anyway i like the ideas hope Dan decides to add them :D

- A friendly neighborhood scavenger -

Actually, you hit a good subject on that, the idea of having sheathes or holsters would really tie in with that 'scavenger' look.

I think that there needs to be a lot of improvised/crafted low-grade items/weapons, these tend to really enforce the idea that you are either scraping by or have really completely adapted to your environment.