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The more I play this game, the more I kept thinking about an old PC/Amiga game that I used to play back when I was a kid called Alternate Reality, which was more complicated than I expected with regards to how the character's traits, hunger, and thirst was dealt with.

One thing I always remembered was this one condition where, if you tried to feed yourself as quickly as possible, you would get stuffed or bloated, depending on if you were drinking or eating too quickly which would effect your performance. I know that there is a reason people are warned to eat/drink a little at a time when starving just to get your body to adjust.

I'm also curious about the idea of eating too well also effecting your sleep schedule: maybe you'll tire out more easily if you have too much in one sitting or you'll have a chance of vomiting if you keep straining yourself in this condition. Of course, starting out this is a nonissue, but later on when people can brag about how they're living on six squirrels a day with a side of twinkies or when they've made a long trip back to/from The Glow they start bingeing, it could be a potential issue.

Maybe it'll be even more of an issue once the game gets more vittles and whatnot, so just throwing this in as something. Of course the other issue is that it'll also make me more likely use the consume button by accident again, but I'll have to live with that.

from what i know you're not supposed to even eat much solid food when you're starving but rather temper your stomach by sipping a nutritious broth or eating something easily digested. at the same time, there's no reason to just leave perfectly good squirrel meat to rot. i do think that, as long as you don't eat too fast, the portions in this game are reasonable if you're starving.

that being said, i can imagine stuffing seven packs of saltines and slurping two cans of condensed soup will make your stomach feel kind of funky. throw in a few squirrels and you might consider that overeating in this context.

i think i've invested too much time in this game when i'm carrying a first-aid box full of ketchup packets.