Looting a campsite changes its contents

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Looting a campsite changes its contents

I returned to a hex where I had my campsite (a burnt out apartment) and noticed that the option for scavenging appeared. Thinking it was a new place, I looted it, only to find that it was my own campsite! The following had changed to it:

* Big stacks of string, screws, etc. reverted to one-item stacks.

* Contents of containers were randomized. I lost so much medicine this way!

* Some items disappeared, but others remained. A lean-to and sleeping bag remained, but bottles of water disappeared.

* A couple of new items appeared (e.g., jeans).

The stuff was in the campsite, not on the ground, so it was definitely the campsite that was changed. I now know to never loot a hex that contains my campsite! :)

Hey Volpone,

Is it possible an NPC looted your campsite? NPCs sometimes wander into hexes and discover camps, and if they see anything they can carry, they'll cart it off to their own home base. That might explain why they took the easy-to-grab stuff, but left the tarp shelter and other bulky items.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games