Camp fire burning your stuff?

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Camp fire burning your stuff?

I started a campfire for the first time and did a rest 'n' heal for a couple of turns in camp. The fire went out at about the same time a guy walked through my hex. There were a few "ash" objects on the ground and both of my sleeping bags were missing!

My question is this: did the campfire destroy them or did a wandering guy steal them while I was resting?

That shady lookin' dude nicked them, after him! Fortunately fire-related accidents aren't in the game.. yet.

As far as I know things can't get stolen from your camp screen, just the 'items on the ground' area. Keeping stuff in the camp screen has kept it out of the hands of theives for me anyway. Can anyone else confirm this?

It's possible the one on the ground was stolen and the one in your camp reached 0 condition.

I've never had anything stolen from my camp. I think camps are safe from thieving.

I don't believe so. One time, on my return from scavenging to the Facility, I found my sleeping bag and tarp were gone from my campsite. I later found the bandit who took them by following his tracks and beating him to death.

LOL!! They got what they deserved!!

That's good to know then cause I didn't know your campsites were not safe. I only hide things in camp sites with really good concealment so maybe that's why I've never been looted so far.

It was most likely still in your camp screen, and not in the on ground item screen.

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same here.. .
left a campfire in the camp and came back a few turns later. nothing left but ash.

This is just the campfire burning out, with no fuel (branches) left to burn.

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