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cd key

I got a cd key from the be mine bundle and I was wondering if its only a desura key or can I put it here somewhere?

p.s so I've done some reading and it turns out its for desura only :( anyway the demo was great and ill hope to get some good adventures out of this it looks and feels very nice :)

Someone? Its just I dont want to install desura and I think it also was marked as DRM free.. So I will only install Desura if its the only way to play this game!

You can download a standlone exe from desura by linking the key to your account without having to install the desura client, but I would advise installing desura as it will let you know when updates are available.

Can you make an account and play anywhere with it if you bought it from the bundle?

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Hey guys,

Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

As deadlyhabit points out, the Groupees bundle comes with a Desura key, which is good for all updates to the beta, including the final version. Entering the key at Desura makes NEO Scavenger beta available to you even if you don't install Desura's client. (There should be an option to download stand alone versions of NEO Scavenger from Desura's website).

@Sylverlight, I'm not 100% sure what Desura's policy is, but I think they let you download and play the game anywhere. There isn't really any DRM included, especially in the stand alone versions, so I'm not sure how they'd stop installation on another machine.

Lastly, I plan to create a method for linking Desura accounts to accounts here, but I need more time to sort out the process. When done, you should be able to access builds both at Desura and here as long as you have a valid account either here or at Desura (including Desura accounts created with the Groupees Be Mine 5 key).

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