I always die at the first encounter

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I always die at the first encounter

Yeah, as soon as I meet someone in the "wasteland" that´s it for me...
mostly it´s a dogman I attract by getting my first half decent loot who kills me.

Some things that happened:

No combat traits, found some decent stuff, among them a rifle without ammunition(of course!), a dogman appears, I try to kill him with my multi tool, game over.

I have melee and tough traits, find a multitool again, try to fight a dogman and game over.

Having the hide perk I try running away, covering my tracks and hiding, but the beast immediately finds me and kills me.

No matter how far I run they always get me, and if I have to fight with some damn multitool I die when trying to face them.

I restarted at least 15 times by now and never, ever was I able to escape or best the first foe I encountered.

Am I doing something terribly wrong?

€: So I just barehandedly killed a barehanded bandit, who was always retreating from me. It took AGES to kill that guy but the left shoe and plastic bag were sure worth it. :D

Then I looted an open field with max security, but, sure enough, a dogman found me. I tried running and hiding, oh how I tried, but the damn creature was glued to me. Gnaaah.

There's a couple of things that you're doing wrong here:
1. Generally, it's best to NOT fight Dogmen, as they are extremely dangerous and provide no reward in defeating one.
2. The multitool isn't a great weapon, I suggest using either a monkey wrench or a meat cleaver.
3. During the first part of the game (before finding decent gear) it is usually best to run from all encounters, except looters as they rarely fight back.

Also, "security" in scavenging is to do with accidents, and "sneak" is to do with avoiding attention

Also known as NimSpork1 on the wiki.

Run for your life. Picking athletics is good for that. Also always end turn before you scavenge, so that when you get out of any resulting combat you've got a few moves to get clear of the danger.

I also tend to go with strong which gives you 'create obstacle', basically allowing you to chuck some debris on enemies sometimes. This can inflict wounds and knock an enemy down, allowing you to get away. Trapping also has 'lure' which is similar. Seems a slightly smaller success rate to me but it can also wound and knock down when it hits.

If an enemy falls while chasing you you can hit retreat wherever you are and will usually get away. Otherwise just run, run, run until you're 4 or 5 spaces away, then retreat. If they catch up to you keep running. Sometimes the enemy will pick 'advance' rather than 'charge', allowing you to slowly open up a gap. Obviously you can get unlucky and fall yourself but if you do, guess what? Get up and keep running!

Once out of combat make sure you're out of line of sight, especially with dogmen who will chase the nearest human they can see. You can use this to your advantage and distract a dogman with a closer human rival, letting you stroll off while some poor looter gets torn a new one. Hiding and covering your tracks also helps with not getting back into combat straight away.

Agreed. Never scavenge on your last turn this can put you in just as bad a situation as any bad tactics can. Also Hide tracks before you scavenge if your able. Good luck!!

Unless your a psychotic botanist with a knack for hiding like a terrified rabbit in the least ruined buildings possible. Ironically, I'd never thought of scavving on the first turn before. But then, I like brutal combat and unusual death. I dont think the OP does.

I prefer a crowbar, for the record. The Butt of a Rifle is great too if you find one, it can break ribs!

Athletics is also great for proccing the Kick option. Slam them in the ribs for some more damage.

Hmmm doesnt the melee perk give you the kick option as well? I always chose melee as a perk and have kick option readily available most the time (First use a headbutt or legkick to get them down, or lure them into a trap if I chose trapping as well). Leading to the posiibility to lure a dogman into a trap in the beginning and than just kicking it to death (although they tend to drag you down quite often if the kick misses).

Currently my favorite build is Medic, Botany, Hiding and Lockpicking (Now and then I'll add Eagle Eye and Insomnia, Medic balances out Insomnia pretty well). I cans till fight, I just dont get the extra perks that athletics and melee get. I cant run away quite as well, and theres some alternatives to Tackle that I don't get, but kick still procs.

If you really want to see some trippy combat, copy everything the AI does. My boyfriend has taken to fighting with his bare hands after he was beaten four times by raiders doing nothing but tackling him tot he ground and punching him in the head. Since he started doing it back, he's been able to win more fights and has picked up a couple guns in several games. (And still shouts 'BALLS OF STEEL!' every time he wrestles a dogman now. Dont use Tackle on Dogmen btw, he says the trick is Obstacle and Lure.)