Make squirrels preparable with meat cleavers.

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Make squirrels preparable with meat cleavers.

I mean, come on. It is named a meat cleaver. Yet I have to find and use a much rarer multi-tool to cleave squirrel meat?

So maybe make this not only a weapon but give it the use it was original made for (preparing meat).

Maybe using a cleaver would turn the squirrel into a meatball since it's quite small compared to animals like cows, which need a cleaver to be butchered.


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Meatballs are still edible, right? ;-)

I agree that it´s the wrong tool for skinning them,though. Still I would not use a leatherman for this job.

Maybe we need some normal knifes ingame?

I just think that a multi-tool is more a tool than a food-preparation-device. And using this as the only means of turning squirrels into edible food just seems wrong

I see your point, new items/weapon/crafting recipes will come in the future, right now the developer is focusing on plot and encounters.


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That was at least 19.5 seconds. What a LIAR!!

Hey Guys! I always figured the meat cleaver was too unwieldy to prepare a small animal, so I never added it to the recipes. Watching the video G posted, though, showed that a cleaver can still be used to make shallow incisions, and to scrape meat from gristle. So I suppose a dedicated person could probably use the sharp edge to get some meat and flesh from a rodent.

I've added the recipes to the game, and they should appear in the next build.

Also, I hope to add additional items to the game some day, for variety (and more appropriate recipes). So far, I just have 1-2 representative items for each category (e.g. 1 gun, 1 "tool," 1 type of shoe, etc.)

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Awesome, thanks!

And yeah, even if it comes down to it, a survivalist will even make a "knife" out of knapping rocks if necessary that can be used to pierce and prepare caught animals (although it will be far from efficient, it *can* be done since dressing animals is just as much about the pulling as it is the skinning). I like to think that someone talented in trapping and dressing animals can figure out how to improvise with it as long as it has a sharp enough edge.


Dave Canterbury skinning and gutting an opossum with an axe.
You can use about anything with an edge to skin and gut animals.

Also, AXES! That's an awesome idea right there. Allow you to procure large logs for longer burning camp fires, also a good weapon and of course you can skin squirrels with them.