Forum rules please!!

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Forum rules please!!

Hey Dan,

I think you should really put some forum rules in the stickies and appoint one moderator. New guys are bumping threads recklessly, not to mention the occasional spambot. I think a moderator would save you from keeping order in the forum.

Btw I think I saw a guy with the "moderator" tag on his profile in an old thread, did you have a moderator some time ago?


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Hey evil genius,

Yeah, Markofbear was our first moderator. He was kind of doing the role already, and helping new players get their feet, so I ended up deputizing him :) He still pops by occasionally.

I haven't had anyone really "police" the forums yet, though (apart from reporting spam). Right now, I'll delete spam as it's found, and try to arbitrate arguments when I see them (which are thankfully rare), but I haven't enforced anything else (like resurrecting old threads, or moving threads to appropriate categories, etc.)

What sorts of rules were you thinking?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I brought this up mainly because recently new entries in the forums reply to old posts ( even from users that we don't see anymore... ) bringing disorder in the boards. It's something I find very annoying, and maybe it's just me, but I thought a nice old FORUM RULES sticky with basic forum netiquette would prevent this from happening when people that don't know these basic rules show up.

To answer your question, by forum rules I mean:
- don't bump old threads
- no flaming/trolling
- no copyrighted material from third parties

and other such rules that I find pretty obvious, but other people might not ( as it appears to be with the bumping ).


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I think replying to old threads could be useful when searching informations on a specific argument or problem.

I think i have a new rule.
No advertising i see a lot of spam about "BOOTS" if its not spammed 10 times advertising should be fine but don't start a whole topic on it either.


Example of how to simply advertise something you like " by the way have you guys seen this cool game called shoot the zombiez i love playing to you guys might wanna check it out"

By the way i am seeing spam bots out of all the websites they pick an indie game website? this confuses me the most.

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Wow that pretty funny in a forum about trying to stop spamers a spamer is here.

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