Mixed Bag Today

Progress on content was a bit slower today, though I still got a few of them done. Most of my morning was spent looking into cross-play from Desura, or what they call "Connect."

Desura Connect

Desura has a mechanism by which they can share purchase info with developers, called "Connect." The idea is that players who buy a copy on Desura can also play on the developer's website by submitting a form from the Desura site.

This is something I'd like to set up, but there are some technical hurdles I still have to overcome. So it may be a little while until that happens.

However, once it does, it should hopefully give players a chance to cross-play NEO Scavenger on whichever service suits them most!

On the Topic of Music

I also spent a few hours mulling over music with NEO Scavenger's composer, Josh. He and I are trading samples, and trying to come up with a sound that fits the DMC. He's already produced some stellar wilderness tracks (featured in the upcoming build), as well as the title and skill select music.

We're trying to find a style that works for when the player is the DMC, to evoke the right mood. Stay tuned!

Oh, and I've heard rumors of an upcoming bundle featuring NEO Scavenger... ;)