My Tiles/Buildings/Items/Concepts

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My Tiles/Buildings/Items/Concepts

I'll cut right to the chase. This is basically my brain's dumping grounds, so have fun.

Mountain (Would be impassable/use a lot of points to cross, high chance of injury.)
Crossroads (Like the random area on a highway where there's a bunch of stores in the middle of nowhere)
Lake/Pond/Resevoir (Could catch fish. Maybe Fresh Water from Resevoir)
Beach (Would only be next to lakes/ponds)

Suburban home (Would be somewhat better than trailer home, in the way of loot)
Log Cabin (Only in mountain area, good source of trapping equipment/wood, also good shelter)
Fast Food Joint (Could have all sorts of expired food items, plus lots of ketchup!)
Mall (High risk of hostile encounter, but high loot payout)
Police Station (Same as above, but different types of loot)
Pharmacy (Good place for junk food/medicine/anything else a pharmacy sells)
Hospital (High-grade medical supplies, but very very hard to find/low payout from looting)
Sporting goods store (Camping supplies/weapons/etc.)
School (Backpacks, books, small amount of food)
Gas Station (Chance to find fuel/junk food/random junk, low chance to find vehicle)
Radio station (Maybe a random encounter?)
Clothing store (Would have a variety of clothes)
Furniture store (Could find furniture)
Military base (High-grade loot, high chance of being detected)

Book (Could be read, or used as tinder)
Furniture (Would improve a campsite)
Fish (Could be caught by multiple means, cooked+eaten)
Fishing rod/net (Used for fishing)
Generator (Could be used to power certain devices, would use some sort of fuel/hand crank)
Flashlight (It'd require a battery or other power source)
Chain-link Fence (Would be used as part of a camp, could be electrified with generator)
Glowstick (Like a light source, but dimmer, and 1-time use)
IED (Would be craftable/able to be found, could set up explosive snares)
Sticky IED (Basically an IED that you can stick to enemies. Obvious risk of it blowing you up, or sticking to yourself)
Flint (Used to start fires, alternative to lighter)
Tinderbox (Would be used to keep warm coals in, to be used to start a fire later)
Sharpened stick (Could be used as a weapon, or turned into an arrow)
Bow (Ranged weapon, arrows would be craftable)
Hunting Crossbow (Would have more accuracy than a bow, but bolts would be uncraftable+harder to find)
ISlab Mini (Smaller version of ISlab, more chic than the ISlab)
Water Microfilter (Could purify water)
Umbrella (Keeps you dry in the rain, usable as a weapon [Not a very good one], makes you feel like Mary Poppins)
Assorted insects (Edible, found in forest)
Baseball bat (Weapon, plain and simple. Maybe add nails to it, get a baseball bat with nails in it)
Eggs (Either found in a nest, or at a grocery store in a carton of eggs. Would probably be expired)
Emergency blanket (Would be used to keep from dying of hypothermia)
Flare gun+Flares (Weapon, or be used during night to light up an area)
Rain Coat (Protects from the rain, would have pockets)
Tent (Would be used to improve a camp site greatly)

Seasons (Would change how the tiles look, as well as abundance of or lack of certain items,winter=risk of hypothermia, etc)
Diplomacy (Talk down a bandit from murdering you with a cleaver, convince enemy to run away, etc.)
Multiple spawn points (Being able to choose the general area where you start, certain distance from Glow)
Fuel (Would be used to power electrical objects, along with a generator)
'Cheat mode' (Would allow you to give self items, add as many attributes as desired, etc. Would be used for testing)

That's all I have for now, I'll probably add more when I think of more. Comments and questions are appreciated!