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Journal Idea

Hey Dan,

This may be a stupid idea but I was wanting to kinda write my own story to go with my travels in the game, I don't think the idea of writing my own story is stupid you've said that's something you hope to provide in NEO Scavenger. But I've been thinking for awhile that it would be really cool to have a notepad that I could type in right in the game. When the character dies the save game is deleted but the journal is still there for me to retrieve and stick in a folder of my own. I know I could just do this on a notepad at my desk next to my computer but I love the idea of building a fire, getting camp established, hunkering down and then making a journal entry about the day and then hitting the sleep button. It would really feel like I was there, all the isolation, the fear, the uncertainty would all be in real time if you know what I mean. I want to write my own story about my travels, but for me it isn't as easy as it sounds. It's seriously inaccessible to me after the fact I just have a total block. If I was able to do it every night and write about the day and the plans I have for the next day I could definitely put a kick ass story together, cause it would be happening right then as I'm playing. I think it would be the ultimate immersion tool, and for me it would add allot of re playability. I know it's prolly to late to add something that big, and it doesn't really add any thing new to the game excitement wise. Just wanted to throw it out there cause I've been trying to put a story of sorts together and I keep coming back to this idea. I have put some story together, but it's not as good as it could be if I had this hypothetical journal. Anyways this doesn't require a response just wanted to throw it out there for maybe NEO Scavenger HD remix or prolly not even cause you could do all of this with a pen and paper lol. Anyways take care!!

Would totally be perfect use for that iSlab, eh? Hope it gets developed further.

God promised an end to all wicked people. Odin promised an end to all Ice Giants. I don't see any Ice Giants...

Actually that would be a great use for it!! And that would be very cool cause you would be carrying the journal with you it could get lost, stolen, or damaged.

Or there may be a paper-edition of the journal. You have to find some blank papers (or even use squirrel skin) to write something on. And of course you need some pen or a pencil. Charcoal from the campfire (campfire extinguish make charcoal in addition to ashes) also may work.
All these pieces of paper with receipts player finds in his travels he can add to his journal.

Hattler give me quest to find some valuable thing for him. I agreed. But then I haven't played NEO for a couple of days. And I completely forgot where I need to go and what needs to be done. Player can write a notes in his journal.

As a graduate writer, I really like this idea. Especially if it's given to the player as a reward via scavenging (iSlab, or empty notebook).

you could find raiders notes and mayby find camp sites

or you could put other peoples notes in the game for you ti find it would be epic if you could do it

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Maybe it can give hints or even false hints to the player?

For example, you might be walking around and find a journal or note that describes
that the area nearby is filled with packs of dogmen. It could be the truth or perhaps
some raiders were just trying to trick people into avoiding their campsites.

If you came across a corpse or two with a journal or note that described how their death
came to be as a highly random event would be interesting.

Notes/journals could add a whole new level to the atomsphere of the game. Notes/journals
that come from a unsane mind could set a player on edge. (I can imagine a shopping list
including human corpses or a journal filled with paranoid rantings for example.)

I tried hugging a dogman once, apperently they don't like hugs.

I imagine that player finds somewhere fabric-made notebook and then adds his own notes written on a squirrel skin with a charcoal. That would be wonderful.