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Condensed soup

So I tried to find if there was a way to cook (heat) the soup (Chef Yummy "Creamy Crumb" condensed soup), and apparently there isn't. What's up with that? Shouldn't it provide more nutritional value in it's heated form? I was also very surprised that one could get to the tin can's contents without the multitool (or any other tool/object). Carried it around all this time, while I could have eaten it way before....

[edit]Oh! Another question I had, is there any use for the iSlab personal computing tablet? Would sort of love to be able to hack deeper into that Cryo-lab mainframe with it.. (And set up traps with it, and all sorts of other stuff...)[/edit]

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I pondered and debated what to do with these cans of soup and really couldn't come up with a lot on my own. I simply ended up popping the cans open and guzzling down the soup straight from the can - and it worked! :D For me, I'm having the same difficulty with NEO as I originally did with Minecraft regarding the crafting portion of the game. It's both NEO's strength and weakness as it stands now; the player decides just how much experimentation and time to exhaust trying to make things work before heading to the forums for help. I'm personally avoiding the forums due to this very same reason; I want to do the survival thing without getting an eyeful of spoilers...but yet, I stumble around in the game like Frankenstein's monster for hours trying to learn how to open a can and apply heat to it without setting myself ablaze.

I think there is a degree of NetHackiness going on with all the items, which makes it fun, but it will require a learning curve over several weeks to fully understand how to play this unique game.

There are quite a few uses that I can muster up for that iSlab tablet. I'm not exactly sure how it works currently (like nearly everything else), but I can see one hacking the thing for different purposes and even getting quest and/or background information from it somehow. Not to mention the fact, it would be kind of funny to have the iSlab as a camping action when you rest - just to try to become more clever somehow while you are out there wrestling the chipmunks and mosquitoes.

Currently, the soup is only consumed cold, as you find it.
EDIT: The iSlab use is in the spoiler, sorry to anybody I spoiled things for! D:

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The iSlab is only used in conjunction with the electrician skill as an alternative Hatter's Quest. It's either that or selling them, often conveniently found during scavenging around the DMC.

Hope this helps!

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I know of another use for the iSlab:

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They can be traded for admission to Zom Zom's

-ye buddy.

Oops. Spoiler alert! 0_o

I've put the text in a spoiler now. I kind of thaught that most people would have gotten to "that point" in the game, apologies from me! (Oops, indeed)

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Whilst it is a bit odd that there's no way to warm up a can of soup, its still early days. so take of that what you will.

Also to answer your question food would not gain nutritional value from heating it, granted it'd taste a hell of a lot nicer, destroy the majority of contaminants and warm you up something shiny and fuzzy on a cold and rainy night but if anything there would be very slightly less nutritional value from it (water evaporating or burning parts of it to the pan :P)

To answer your edit:

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I don't think so right now, the latest update may have something in store but as far as I can remember other than selling them for moolah or bludgeoning something to death with it they're just dead weight for now.

(First post ever, hoping I helped!)

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Yeah, that's right - the soup is already cooked before it's canned; heating it only makes it nicer to eat. It probably wouldn't have contaminants in it though - canning is an extremely effective method of preservation.

I was more on about food in general there, but you are right in that canning is the best method of preservation :)

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The first time I came across the canned food I also kept it around until I found a multitool.

I tried to put the can and the multitool in the crafting slot and I was confused since nothing came out of it, a bit later I noticed you can open them by hand, I just figured the can is one of those nice cans that have the handle thingie which enable you to open it with ease. :)

While talking about soup... Why is there no mushroom soup? Am I doing the recipe wrong or is it unexistent? I would love me some mushroom soup. :)

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It is *condensed* soup, so maybe you can do a recipe where you put it in a pot with water to get two-three soups for the price of one! Might take care of hunger better that way.

Eventually, I'll probably add a recipe for heated condensed soup, and possibly water + soup + heat. In either case, the nutritional value will remain the same. But it might increase core temperature a bit.

Mushroom/squirrel stew was something a few folks have mentioned, so that's on my list too. One of the main reasons I haven't added many new recipes yet is because the crafting system needs some work. I prefer to wait until the system is fixed up before investing time into new recipes (since I would likely have to rewrite the recipes after changing the system).

As for the can + multitool, I figured there was a good chance canned goods had the ring-pull tops, so I wouldn't torture the player any more than I had to :) The canned soup we have in the house, here, seems to be about 50/50 can-opener vs. ring-pull.

It might be fun to add two separate brands of canned food: one has the ring-pull tops, so anyone can open it; the other requires a tool to open.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply!

It's good to know that you're planning to add more recipes for us to discover and enjoy :)

And also, yeah, my first instinct was to try the multitool + can, it's no biggie that it doesn't work, after noticing that it indeed does not work, I just figured it's one of those ring-pull cans, so it's not like opening it without a multitool is unrealistic/mistake or anything. I think every can in real life should have the ring-pull mechanism.. I seriously hate to find that damn can opener everytime I want to open a freakin' can :P

I'm looking forward to additional features and content you will be adding further down the road, variety is a huge plus in a game like this. :>

As far as I know, you're developing this alone, that means a lot of work. I wish you the best of luck! :D

"It's only fun, if they run."

I hope by the time of the future apocalypse the people had the good sense to move on to the fantastically convenient ring pull cans entirely and that the ring pulls themselves don't fall off when I've not got a can opener as back up. If it comes to it and you're hungry enough you'd manage to get the cans open one way or another without a can opener. Even if you just bash it open or punch a hole in it to drain liquids out. Give the player a dozen methods of opening it or just assume it is done "somehow" in the background or was a ring pull can to start with.

For a lot of these foods that are pre-prepared or okay to eat hot or cold it could give a little boost to the warmth stat if you cook it, perhaps. If there was a morale stat to tweak then that'd be an ideal thing to boost from the cooked/heated meal consumption. Although that's more work for our overworked developer. Someone fetch the whip.

Another factor for opening the can if you feel that worried about the use of opener of not: it can be opened without one. It'll take a ridiculous amount of time, though, but I remember this from that one guy from the "Dual Survival" show.

Thanks for that! That was really quick in the video. I've opened a can with a knife before, using it like the old big stab style can openers, but the grinding method was probably quicker and safer.

EDIT: From that video I just watched the suggested video at the side bar where someone opened a can with nothing but a spoon. I think we can put to rest the idea of making cans only openable by multitools.

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