Feedback/bug report/suggestions from a newcomer

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Feedback/bug report/suggestions from a newcomer

  • The message from the first death you experience persists, so after dying of dehydration on one load every death afterwards was described as "dying of dehydration".  (From other feedback it looks like this is a known issue.)

  • Flip textures on boots so you can easily identify left and right boots.

  • Keyboard shortcuts don't work for me.  I saw someone else reporting that they worked inconsistently, but so far, they haven't worked at all.

  • Loading the gun was extremely unintuitive.  I managed to do it once by accident and never again.  I know this is a hardcore simulation, but I'd like to see the ammo icon become a "load ammo" button when the gun is in hand and/or let us move and drop ammo into the gun.

  • Texture development.  I don't demand animation (yet!) but seeing every bandit with a gun when some are bare-handed and some are wielding meat cleavers is a false positive of sorts.  Bare-handed, melee weapon, gun sprites.  Hell I'll do them for you.  Then objects in inventory need some kind of visual indicator of their condition; maybe an overlay of cracks/dirt/rust/rot/mold/dinge, transparency inversely proportional to condition?

  • Wait + Heal has no apparent effect unless you nabbed the rectangular spoiler at the start.  Maybe this recipe already exists and I just don't know about it, but tearing up clothes for bandages to handle small wounds, bandages and stick for a splint, splint and firearm for a crutch (?) to help with crippled.  The rate would be much slower but it would exist.  (Also, being able to get out of it once you start would be nice.)

  • An option to automatically end the turn when you're out of moves.

  • On the subject of saves: I think it should be hardcore mode all the way.  You can save the game (so you can put it down), but permadeath is on.  That said, I ALSO think you should be able to find corpses from previous games and retrieve stuff - or in the case of bandit/looter deaths, that bandit/looter is persistent and is holding your stuff.  So the world in general would be persistent within a save slot; your previous selves would have likely looted out the path you took.

Further feedback: bullet points and this forum don't mix.  }:D

Hey Veav!Good points! I'm a bit late to reply to this, as some of these are fixed, but better late than never :)Repeating death message: This should be fixed in both the demo (0.912d) and beta (0.922b), so let me know if it's still happening. Keyboard shortcuts not working sounds like a major issue. What OS/browser are you using? Also, how are you viewing the flash file? Full-screen flash is actually restricted from keyboard input for security reasons (Adobe's call, not mine), so if you're viewing the flash file directly (e.g. a URL ending in swf) that could be it. Loading the gun was bugged in older versions due to a scope/strap upgrade issue. It should work like a regular container now.I agree that creature sprites should match their loadouts. If the "more creatures" feature gets more popular, I can probably spend some time making the creature sprites better and/or make them match the loadouts better.Wait + Heal is definitely pretty slow. I had intended to add more healing/wounding mechanics, such as bleeding/bandages, splints and broken bones, etc. I put it on the features page because I'd still like to do it, if enough people want it. And bailing out of rest + heal was supposed to work, but I must've broken it somehow. It should be fixed in the next build.Automatically ending turns: would this be less of an issue if the spacebar hotkey worked? Auto-ending turns makes me a bit uncomfortable, as there are sometimes situations where the last move a player makes reveals something that requires their immediate attention (e.g. a monster or condition), and they may want to use/equip items. On save games, there's a single-slot in beta now, though it doesn't erase the game if you die. That's up for negotiation, though. For now, at least it's possible to put the game down and not lose progress. What to do about save-scumming will be a follow-up discussion, for sure. Persistent corpses are up for voting, though I hadn't considered localized permanent worlds. I was thinking more along the lines of Oregon Trail/Nethack where you find other players' tombstones, stuff, and maybe a cause of death for entertainment purposes. And yes, the forum formatting is pretty atrocious on BBG. I apologize for that :) I hear there are some BBCode plugins out there that I can maybe install, it's just a matter of finding the time. Hang in there! Thanks for all the feedback!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hotkeys: I'll test out the hotkeys later and let you know how it goes on the current build; at the time I was at work, on dreaded IE (not fullscreen), IIRC it was using the website wrapper instead of direct to the swf.Creature sprites: I'll whip something up for you.  Full public domain, no strings.  Okay to hurt my feelings if they suck.  }:DTurns: I see what you mean.  Really what I kept running into was I would make some moves and end the turn early just on muscle memory, or I would try to scavenge and realize I had no turns left; the fact that turn limit is a variable that can rapidly change threw me off.  I think the best compromise would be to allow actions like scavenge/attack/movement at any time, but to automatically start the next turn if necessary when the action is taken.  Does that make sense?  That way players don't lose opportunity, but they also don't get blocked from doing what they want to do.Savescumming: Randomness, but Minecraft saves ridiculously often.  What's the overhead on saving the state?  Is it unreasonable to save after every action?Formatting: No worries, it's a non-issue.Thanks for being awesome!  I'll check in and develop feedback more when I'm less inebriated.

Death message: confirmed as fixed.
Keyboard: on rigorous testing, most keyboard shortcuts work.  The
exception is "W" for the hexmap, which I think is being blocked by WASD
movement on the other pages.  If I use "M" to enter the minimap and hit
"M" again it returns to the hexmap; I can do this from any other page.
The layout of both shortcuts and the screen is also a little confusing. 
I would almost prefer leaving map scrolling to the mouse (edge of
screen buttons or onmouseover).  While I'm redesigning... *rambles a
while in paintbrush* I realize it's not just a matter of having the
sprites, the game needs to be told how and when to make the distinction.  Also the screenshots I used for raw materials probably have lighting artifacts.