Good Progress Today, and More Diseases!

I managed to hit a pretty good rhythm today with the encounter implementation. I got a good dozen or so mini encounters done today. Things are going pretty smoothly now that most of the needed tools are in place. I'm able to re-use a bunch of the existing battle move artwork and game items/conditions.

New Diseases!

And for a couple of today's encounters, I added some new disease fun: acute hepatitis and jaundice! Hepatitis is one of the world's most common blood-borne diseases, and it seems likely that the prevalence of wounded and dead humans in NEO Scavenger means that it's a common problem.

And interestingly, it's a virus that's not really treatable via antibiotics, unlike some of the other diseases. This one, you just have to weather over time. The good news, however, is that it's rarely fatal. At least directly.

Also, if you're lucky, it'll cause jaundice! I learned today that jaundice is not actually a disease, but rather a symptom. It's a sign that something's wrong (in this case, liver malfunction leaving excess bile in the blood after contracting hepatitis).


On that note, I'll be signing off. Have a good one, all!


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Pretty much everyone has had jaundice, when they were a newborn! If you ever fill out a medical thing, it'll ask if you have it, but they don't include newborn jaundice. I'm glad to see so much research is put into the diseases/sicknesses/deaths in this game! My mother always told me you just have to deal with viruses, can't really take medicine for them, at least nothing like fever reducers (didn't know it applied to antibiotics though)... I think it'll be fun to see others in game as well. They can be hard to deal with I'll bet! Especially if you can't do anything about them.

Medical stuff can be really interesting! So hopefully fun education :)

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I think I've heard that somewhere. Something about new mothers often freaking out because their babies have jaundice, and doctors have to assure them that it's normal. I know I'd probably be pretty concerned if my kid started turning yellow, and I didn't know why, so it's good to know that it's normal.

And yeah, researching for NEO Scavenger's a lot of fun. I like learning things anyway, but it's cool to be able to apply it somehow. And as a bonus, I can even participate in medical discussions when Rochelle and I hang out with her acupuncture classmates!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Yeah, it isn't common knowledge, so it'd probably freak me out too if I didn't know about it. But it is something pretty much every baby has, and all you have to do is get some sun for the baby.

Some medical things are really interesting, I never get how people in the medical field can retain so much about everything. Both my parents are in medical fields, so growing up there were so many acronyms for every little thing, and some have more than one name. But it is nice to know some of the stuff for conversations!

I think it'd be cool if maybe you could have an encyclopedia added to the game, to shortly explain some of the diseases and/or their symptoms.. Maybe make it so.. you have to experience it in game for it to be filled out in the encyclopedia. Could also do the same for all the newspaper headlines, so we could go back and read them all maybe. I don't know how feasible this would be, but I just thought of it typing this reply