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Getting to the Glow

So, I've been playing for a few weeks or so now, and I've never been able to get to the Glow. The furthest I've gotten is around halfway, and I was practically sprinting there. Any tips on getting to the Glow? Anything that helps at all is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Wait wat...
You know how to play the game right?(not trying to be rude)
I know if its your first try you wont make it at all, but playing for a few weeks and couldnt get it?
You know... Stop to scavenge, dont go risking over when death is obvious, chosse USEFULL traits and well, just make sure to be safe, oh and chosse tracking over botany(the only use for it, is for berries)
This is my first post and i hope im doing it right D:

Botany also allows you to make tanin drink which helps you stay healthy and fight off disease.

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Hey robopen10,

I put together a strategy guide for those having trouble getting to all the plot encounters. There's no plot spoilers in there so don't worry about that. Hope that helps!! Keep us updated on how your fairing.

noobie strategy guide

@John I know how to play the game. I survive well enough, I just die somehow or another before I make it.

@Dusky I'll take a look at it, thanks!

choose athletic and though traits, make the run of your life don't stop for anything

I do always choose athletic for escaping purposes but I take my time actually getting to the glow. Going on a mad rush straight away in the hospital gown you woke up in seems suicidal to me. I tend to scavenge for a couple of days at least before I travel too far from the cryo facility. Here's a few rules I try to stick to other than in extraordinary circumstances:

1) Don't make desperate moves unless you absolutely have to, if night falls when I'm within a stones throw of the glow I'll still set up camp where I am. It taking a night longer to get there is a lot less punishing than being bludgeoned by an unseen enemy on the home straight.

2) Obviously avoid combat at all costs. If you can get your hands on a rifle don't hesitate to wave it in the faces of all your human adversaries though, they tend to not want to get shot! Always have a torch to hand at night, running away in the dark is a surefire way to trip over your own feet and let that unseen enemy come and bludgeon you.

3) Always be well stocked to move. For example hoping you come across water on your travels is a gamble, if its safe where you are hunt around near your camp for some and boil it before you take your tarp shelter down and move on. Even backtrack a little to where you know there is some. Putting the safety you have now to good use will probably save you a torturous experience trying to work in less safe conditions later.

In short I guess my plan of action is all about avoiding taking risks as much as possible and a bit of good old common sense. This isn't the definitive method of course but its certainly safer than rushing and relying on luck with the loot in my experience.

I choose Tough and Athletic. Then hiding and tracking. I then proceed to find any house, get some jeans and a hoodie with a shirt, find a crowbar, some water bottles and water, then head to the glow slowly. I killed like, 7 looters, and scared 3 off. I made it there and then my game glitched out lol.