Gaming Nexus Interview

I just realized I never mentioned my interview yesterday! (Well, apart from a @BlueBottleGames tweet).

Travis Huinker, from Gaming Nexus, asked me some questions about where the idea of NEO Scavenger and Blue Bottle Games came from. It even features some lesser known NEO Scavenger art from my game dev blog!

So if you're interested in a history lesson, be sure to check it out!


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Good interview. Very nice!! Hope you best of luck with IGF. I cant really help but ask, but do you think Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka Left Bioware because of all the negative feedback over ME3s ending or ME3 in general. I mean the studio was happy with their performance right? You don't have to comment of course, or you may simply not care, or know, either way I gotta ask sorry.

Oh and BTW I was perfectly happy with ME3s ending, well not perfectly, but happy enough. I got my $60 worth.

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WOW that I would ask? Or wow I was "happy enough" with ME3? I don't want to fod out Dans page with ME traffic or posts as it will most likely be nothing good. I should of thought about this before I asked sorry. At first I thought it would go unnoticed for the most part.

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It's a good question, though there are probably very few people who really know the answer, apart from Ray and Greg.

Both of them had their hands full with bigger fish than ME3, including Greg's management of the team on SWtOR, and Ray's management of the BioWare Label at EA (some 8 studios).

Given that Ray was spending a lot of time meeting with high level execs, it's possible he was exposed to some interesting opportunities for social good investment. There are many successful types who reach a point and want to do "something more."

And I wouldn't be surprised if Greg needed a break after years of balls-to-the-wall work, trying to get SWtOR launched successfully. Probably preceded by over a decade of balls-to-the-wall work with Ray, getting BioWare to where it is. I've had a hard time staying at any one company for more than 5 years (even BioWare was giving me itchy feet towards the end).

I also couldn't imagine one retiring and not the other, so there's the possibility one was leaving, and they decided to stick together to avoid any awkwardness (either between each other or with the employees left behind).

In the end, though, this is all guesswork. If I were a betting man, though, I'd wager it had nothing to do with the ME3 ending :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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I thought it was the fact that SWtOR was a massive blunder in the gaming industry and Bioware/EA thought it was too big to sink. I guess it was the fact due to such a massive backlash due to quickly unsubscribing people, people getting refunded on Amazon due to how bad ME3 was on the massive scale, or the fact that EA had lost a huge part of their stocks in the previous semester. Either way, due to massive public negativity and due to rushed deadlines on SWtOR, ME series, and DA series; they have shared the same fate as Will Wright, and all the other IPs EA touched.