More keyboard shortcuts?

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More keyboard shortcuts?

I hereby suggest keyboard shortcuts for scavenge, rest + heal, sneak etc.Also, the hotkey 'w' to go back to the hex map seems to work quite inconsistently.

I'll second this.  I'll also suggest the addition of a shortcut for the "continue" button in encounters; I think the "Enter" key should do that (I also think Enter should do "end-turn" in the hex-map).  User mappable keybindings would also be nice, but is lower priority.

Space-bar already does end turn on the hex map.  Using enter for both "continue" and "end turn" might cause some unintended turn endage...


YES. I concur. I especially need the ability to switch between consume/move/stack without having to click on anything.Edit: Oops. There already are hotkeys for that. Whoops.

The encounter UI flow needs a little work... I keep hitting 'i' twice hoping the inventory screen will break me out of the encounter then back to the main game, but no dice. I then manually have to click the encounter tab, then 'confirm' that I want to take no action. For some encounters it makes sense to lock you into the encounter if you're not in a position to immediately exit, but for something like scavenging, it's a bit annoying to have to start the scavenge encounter just to inspect what's on offer for scavenging (nope, the shack in the woods that appears on the hex isn't scavengable) and then have that convoluted way to back out again.Speaking of which, it'd be nice to see what's inside a container without having to put it in my hand or on my back. Maybe some translucent mode when I hover over one?