Selecting Slung Rifle in Combat

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Selecting Slung Rifle in Combat

When using the arrow buttons to select weapon, it would be nice to select your rifle if it is slung on your shoulder. This is pretty realistic because it only takes a second to shrug a properly slung rifle off your shoulder and into your hand. This would also make ranged skill w/ slung rifle more attractive to players.

Agreed. It does seem slightly off that you can rummage in your backpack for a meatcleaver, but you can't unsling your rifle using the weapon select arrows.

Maybe it was intended that the player has to fall back, equip the rifle and resume the fight.


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This would be a more convincing argument if you weren't able to go into the items screen during a fight and swap the slung rifle from slung to being in your hand manually and resume fighting.

So, you have the ability to use a slung rifle in a fight anyway, but not in a logical manner, nor in keeping with the idea that that there's intended to be a need to fallback and equip the weapon for tactical reasons. It would seem, therefore, to make sense for a slung rifle to be a weapon you can swap to in the same manner as others you have in your hands. Possibly you would have to auto-drop something if your hands are both occupied.

I agree it's counter-intuitive, but what I mean is that it's also logical because of the rigorous inventory system.


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Regarding the inventory screen in battle, my thinking was that inventory access is restricted to extra-melee range. So if a player wanted to get something not already in their hands, they have to back out of swinging range to do so.

Once out of swinging range, there isn't much granularity. One could unsling a rifle or treat a wound with equal efficacy, and you're right that the latter is pretty unrealistic. Without adding per-item and per-slot transfer times, there isn't really an easy way to allow one and forbid the other.

As for the shoulder slot, I could make it such that the shoulder slot is included in available attack modes. The main problem I see there is that the hands might already be filled. I could just drop items in the hand onto the ground, but what if the player is cycling through attack modes to see their options? They may drop items unintentionally.

I guess there could be additional buttons for activating an attack mode vs. just browsing them, but I think that might make the UI overly complicated.

Getting back to the original post, it sounds like the issue is switching to the rifle in melee range. I think that would be convenient, but probably also unrealistic. If I were at arm's length from a dogman, I'd probably be trying to push/kick the dogman back a step before unslinging a rifle.

I guess one other option is to add a battle move for unslinging a sidearm. So instead of attacking/dodging/moving, the player could choose "switch to sidearm" which would pop an equipped item into the hands, and drop anything in the hands that was in the way. That way, the player gets to switch attack modes to an unlisted one without being penalized for inventory access nor having to leave melee range (though, they are vulnerable in the process, and risk taking a hit).

The only trick I see there is knowing which sidearm to equip, if there is more than one. I may have to have a "sidearm" move for each applicable slot (e.g. left shoulder, right shoulder, potential future slots, like holsters, etc.)

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Having a holster/sheath system, that allows access to a weapon during combat, would greatly improve both gameplay and realism of the game. I for example almost never travel with weapon in hand, preferring crowbar + binoculars (day)/torch (night) combo. And I believe that in real life, in same circumstances, I would do likewise.

In Neo Scavenger player can't carry all he wants and needs to choose his equipment. Adding something like mentioned above would give more depth to the game by allowing a player to choose from, for example: cleaver vs. knife - first being more devastating in combat while second having an option of being carried in sheath, leaving your hands free for something else. Simple way of adding more diversity and room for incorporating player preferences to character.

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Yes, a holster choice for the sling or similarly stashed weapons would balance it somewhat. The player would use a turn to get the weapon out when in swinging range to give the other side a chance to take advantage. That way backing off to get items would still be practical and sensible and doing anything close up a gamble and player's informed choice.