Infinite End Turn loop when blind retreating from combat

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Infinite End Turn loop when blind retreating from combat

Sometimes when I select the blind retreat option when fighting in the dark, the combat view stays open with no combat options, and clicking confirm has no effect. I can leave combat by selecting Medical Veiw, the Hex Map. But, once I end turn after this the game automaticly end my turn and gives me no access to the commands until I die. Here is the save game with the character in the End Turn loop.

Just realized the save is a few turns before the bug, while I was still in the glow, the bug happened near the hidden lake this time, but I have had it other places before.

If it helps the wrong text/Camp Benefits bug was going on at the time also.

Thanks for the save. I'll give that a look next week. Is it a character started in a pre 0.953 version, by any chance? It sounds kind of like a null pointer bug, and those were pretty common in games prior to 0.953.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yes it was the .953 version, and when I replayed it for the hell of it, I realized I had managed to save during the loop, and it broke the loop.