So has anyone played Caravaneer?

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So has anyone played Caravaneer?


There's been alot of discussion about Borderlands 2, so I thought I'd throw something a little different your way. This is a small indie game, pretty much in the same style as NEO Scavenger. Most of you are supporters of indie games, so this may be relevant to your interests.

I'm not going to add a link. You all can operate a search engine just fine.

What's it all about? It's a post apocalyptic world, infrastructure is all screwed up, and you're a guy wandering the broken lands trying to make a buck. You get pulled into starting a trade caravan, and transporting goods from place to place. Along the way you meet people, have adventures, get into battles, etc. Caravaneer is less about inventory management & skill usage as it is traveling, calculating fuel & feed, weight, and planning ahead for trouble. You never have to scrounge for good & items, but you ALWAYS have to have the cash on hand to buy them.

IMHO, if you took NEO Scavenger & Caravaneer, and smooshed them together, you'd have what would essentially be the perfect post-apocalyptic indie game. Unless you feel that your life is not complete without zombies. But where Caravaneer is lacking in both zombies & dogmen, it makes up for in having roving gangs of bikini-clad amazonian raider women - and who doesn't love that?

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I went and checked it out, fun game. My uncles trusty rifle let me down though lol. I'm gonna dive into it a little deeper hopefully tonight, seems complex and deep. I like the way they did the towns that's a slick UI imo.

Does it get to a point where your just errand boy though, other than you are an errand runner of sorts, like just grinding it out? Or is there more to the survivability of the character than I saw at first glance?

Like I said this is at a glance, I'm gonna spend some more time with it cause it looks good. Thanks for the suggestion!!

There is more to it than meets the eye. The way the plot unfolds is similar to Fallout. You'll hear stories on the trail, and in certain towns you can talk to NPC's in addition to recruiting them. Some of them will have missions for you to do, and pretty soon you too will be on one side or the other of the big fight. You'll soon learn that there is a "bad" town and a "good" town, and the rest will begin to fall into place.

Weapons are similarly scaled. You'll start out with your grandpappy's squirrel gun, and end up with heavy machine guns & rocket launchers.

Of course, that presumes that you choose to take those missions. In theory, you could run a caravan forever & just fight off bandits. What's interesting is that you start out with a basic donkey & car situation. But later on you can have a caravan of Humvees & 4-wheelers hauling gear at high speeds for high speed profit. The economics of running a caravan change from beginning to end, because hauling more at higher speeds justifies the cost for fuel instead of feed.

I'll tell you this...the learning curve is a little brutal. I ended up scaling off the distance between towns with a ruler, and generating my own weight-to-feed & fuel ratio spreadsheet so I could calculate how much I needed to get me there & how long it would take. I actually wrote the game developer about that, and he indicated that in the second version of the game he planned to add a calculator into the UI for that very reason.

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Very nice!! I'll definitely be spending some time with it. Thanks again!!

I remember playing this game ages ago!
It's nice to see that it's not completely forgotten. Unfortunately, I don't have any interesting stories to share about my time with this game.

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Hey khemeher do you plan on picking up XCOM?

I saw it up on Steam. I have heard of the series, but really don't know that much about it. I've been shying away from it because I don't really dig on massive on-line shooter types, and this is what it seems like to me. I've had my fill of the PeeVeePee from City of Villains & the old days of Fallen Earth, as well as World of Tanks.

I'll give it another look & let you know if I do decide to get it.

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Right on!!

Make sure you look at the turn based strategy game made by Firaxis. There is a first person shooter called XCOM that comes out Q1 2013, I think, and it's going to be shit I won't even consider buying it. Judging by your examples I think you may have got turned off by the first person shooter version.

The single player experience for the turn based game will steal the show as far as XCOM goes. There is going to be a multi player but single player is where its at.

Like I was saying there both XCOM but the turn based game is called Enemy Unknown and is made by Firaxis. Any ways yeah let me know what you think!!


have you tried the new xcom? i don't have the rig to play it. i could get it for xbox. but i really don't like xbox(it's my sons).

as far as xcom goes, is there any way to play the original? has it been modded for windows? i'd love to have another go at it.

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Hey Parone,

Yeah the new XCOM is fun but your gonna be left wanting a little bit more if your like me. Well I have been playing it for three days it's good, I'm hooked. It's still brutal just not as brutal. A couple 2 hour sessions into it I lost china and I really don't see how I could've avoided it. Fast forward 12 games hours or so and I'm on the verge of loosing three more countries.

Yeah my fan went out on my rig and I'm not spending the cash any time soon to get it fixed so I bought it for xbox. I've been playing xbox forever though so it's just as comfy as my PC for me. Although if the PC and xbox versions were different I would've waited and got the PC edition, but since it's the same exact experience I figured playing it sooner was worth it if I wasn't missing any features.

re original xcom: I was going to look into that myself but got busy playing other things. Did you look on steam?

Oh and if you're excited to play multi-player then I would suggest waiting for the pc so you can play with the pro's. I realized that after the fact. Good luck!