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I finished my edits this afternoon, and I think I can start hooking up some random encounters tomorrow. Yay!

I'll have to see what things I can automate vs. have to do by hand, but it'll be a nice change of pace to be back in the code. Document editing always feels so slow-going.

I'll also be looking into how the random events are triggered. I'd like for them to trigger in such a way that they're spread across the map. That way, one has to visit the whole map to see them all, but their locations change each game.

The alternative is to have them trigger based on time passed, which means staying put makes them all happen, eventually. It's logical, but it doesn't encourage exploring as much. And they would just "run out" eventually, the rest of the map seemingly barren of events.

I guess a long enough game would just "run out" either way, but spread across the map means they'll be repeated less often from game-to-game, which is also good.

I'll also be diving back into the music code tomorrow. I need to finish cobbling together a way to play music from time-to-time. As an experiment, Josh and I wanted to see if we could make the music fade in once in a while, kind of like Dwarf Fortress or Minecraft. We're hoping that it keeps the music from being repeated too often and becoming annoying.

That's all for today. Have a good one, all!


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Perhaps in addition to the above stated, another way of making "random encounters" is to have certain criteria needs that have to be met to trigger an event. (Been to certain sites or have a certain item ect.) Even strange ones, like running around naked or having many whiskeys in ones inventory could trigger an event? Maybe this would make a nice addition to the game, but I believe your more interested in implementing core elements to the game. Consider it an afterthought Sir Dan! Best of luck to you mate!

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Yay!!! Sounds fun!! I like the "spread across the map" idea more than "time passed" especially if the locations change every time like you said.

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This particular batch of random encounters is setup such that some of them only occur if you've seen other ones first. Also, your choices in these enable some and disable others in the batch.

But yeah, I like your idea of certain criteria triggering encounters. In fact, the whole encounter system is built around being able to trigger encounters based on conditions that the player has. Conditions like "player has seen the DMC," "player is wearing a tunic," or "player is carrying the urn."

I think that the limiting factor will be the speed at which I can add content. It's hard to produce it fast enough!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Random events are always great! I like drakcothedark's ideas of random events based on something about the character. Could have it so that you have certain events, or.. options for them perhaps, based on what traits a person chooses. I know we have that right in the beginning, and for when we scavenge (ie. in beginning against dogman can open the door, open a stasis pod, herbs/flowers as repellent; scavenging you have strong, lockingpicking, etc use as well) but would be cool to see it expanded for some random events.

It'll take a while to get so many in, and to think of so many some many of them! But perhaps people on forums could help with some of the random events if you run out of ideas.

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Just a ponderous side thought to keep randomization functional outside of event triggers; "Step count". If the desire is to encourage exploration and having the events spawn at 'random' times, respawning an event tile somewhere on the already explored map would be interesting. If I couldn't find a bunker with rare supplies until I'd uncovered 50 hexes, that'd get me off the direct plot path a lot more and cruising around to see what I could trigger, as well as a reason to go back and look over pre-explored map segments again.