Jar of Screaming Eyes in Standalone Version?

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Jar of Screaming Eyes in Standalone Version?

Firstly, I really enjoy the game and the level of potential is amazing, but I'm on the fence about which version to purchase and why. Upon reading a couple other posts, I had to wonder if the localized standalone version does support the Jar of Screaming Eyes item as this is the version I intended to play mostly, not the online version. Given the nature of the engine, I just realized that the online version is for the unlock of the item per user's account. After reading the Blue Bottle DRM-free mission statement, I got really confused and had to assume that this was an oversight perhaps?

It's also stated, though not concisely, that the Jar of Screaming Eyes will be included in the beta and final versions, but it doesn't mention for whom. All users or for the Yukon users only? And will this final release with the Jar be as a standalone version, as well? Just a couple questions as I'm a little lost on the marketing. :)

I pondered and debated over Desktop Dungeons as it had the same type of pricing structure. You pay more for a couple items and locations on the map, but it comes down to A) being tied to an Internet connection to enjoy your benefits and B) the actual relevance of said items. I thought about it some more and ultimately I ended up walking away shaking my head and never looked back. I wouldn't mind having a serial key scheme for the standalone version (or a one-time online authenticity check), but if everyone else gets the Jar in the final then I might as well just skate by with the $10 version I suppose. If I pitch the $25 brick, then I might not be able to use my new somewhat expensive exotic item.

My very sincere opinion about these pricing schemes is that they cause confusion to the customer instead of an automatic push of the purchase button - instead of doing that immediately, I need to think and ponder and evaluate and determine and balance and wonder and debate and...oh, noes! Remember, you are catering to the O.C.D. crowd with this title; something like that can cause a hemorrhage before we get past the landing page.

P.S. I moved this from the Technical section as it was gathering cobwebs there. I have my debit card handy, but still no answers. :)

Hi MythArcana,

I'm glad that you think the game has potential!

Regarding the Jar of Eyes, you're correct that it's a bug that it can't be used in downloaded versions right now. I'm not sure yet how I'll fix this, which is the main reason it's still an issue. The end result will be that Yukon customers get it, and others don't, regardless of whether they're playing online or download.

One possibility is to create special executables for Yukon customers to solve this, as it would give them the Jar without requiring an internet connection. This is the most straightforward option. It produces the outcome we want, with minimal chance of failure or extra system development.

The down side, however, is that I'd need to create separate builds for each platform, each time the game was updated. More separate builds means each update takes longer to do, and more room for error. The end result is a lower rate of updates, which nobody wants.

So I'm letting it stew in my brain for a while, to see if any other solutions come to mind. The serial key and remote authentication schemes that you mention might also work, but building security systems just for this purpose seems like overkill (and introduces more room for authentication failure). I think it's better for both the customer and I to keep things simple.

Ideally, I don't want to have to worry about security, authentication, and DRM. And customers don't either.

P.S. I'm surprised I missed it in the technical section. Usually, that's where I'm most active, since I try to get bugs fixed before moving on to suggestions and general discussion.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Greetings, Dan!

Thanks for the thorough response and your insight to the tentative road map of the game. For quite a while now, rogue-likes have been hogging my spare time and the list grows weekly it seems. The other games come and go, but the hardcore simulation games die harder than Bruce Willis. The investment one puts into a project like this (developers and customers alike) can yield one fantastic product down the line that could possibly top them all in its own subcategory. This is why I asked the above questions as I get a more distinct idea now of your vision and ideals looking forward to the future.

I really like your thought process and what you stated up there and gives me more relief that NEO will have a solid foundation...but I guess that's where we come in. :)

You are absolutely right in the deployment methods, and the burden of this chore will get substantially worse with the major distro sites included. Being of multi-platform and having to deal with wrappers for every service is getting into crazy territory and I agree with your opinions on that aspect completely. I must say right now that Steam will not simplify your life in the slightest - just my opinion there, but it multiplies quickly with each service you take on.

I took the liberty to install FlashDevelop with the Flixel and Photon Storm libraries out of sheer curiosity. Coming from Unity and UnityScript, I must say that environment is quite different from what I'm used to seeing, but now I'm even more curious and might poke around with it more. :)

NEO has a look and feel unlike all others thus far and I can't help but feel a little Jagged Alliance 2 (v1.13, yeah!) in the mix, much to my delight (SirTech was one of my favorites back in the day!). I'd love to see it become a living breathing world complete with wild life encounters, random events (as you mention - NetHack & Dominions 3 style perhaps), and an expanding world full of peril with variety and the possibility for anything. The framework is there and I personally really like the look and feel of it already...my laptop approves, also.

Thanks again for the answers I was looking for and I look forward to seeing where all this will go!