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So on a random lark, I used Botany on the first encounter out of the cryo lab with the Dogman. I was expecting to be jumped into combat and fight for my life again.

Instead I have a description of what is basically Dogman repellant. Damnit, Dan! XD

Now I want to see Botany worked on even more. I've always been an alchemy/potions/herbologist in other games whenever it gives me the opportunity, but not on this kind of a detailed level. Way to make me want to play even more ;p

Can I look forward to crushing lavender to aid a restless sleeper? Grinding herbs to make new pills? Supernatural plants to poison coat my monkey wrench? Who knows! I don't care! That was awesome!

Trying to resist running off and researching plants local to the Detroit area and coming up with crackpot recipes. ;p

I was pleasantly surprised by that option too. I thought I'd just be giving mister dogman some veg with his meal, seasoning myself a bit XD

Botanical recipes could even provide viable alternatives to the western medicine we use at the minute, have a use in food, in combination with trapping and all sorts. Yet another untapped well of potential we have waiting for us in this game!

My only concern with piling recipies into botany is turning it into an overpowered, must have skill. Botany and trapping would make a great combo, but then why would you ever take anything else?

.... I have a free weekend and nothing to do. I'm staring at Neo Scav.

No good will come of this. XD

Yeah that's a concern with all skills I guess, in an ideal world recipes would be piled into all of them equally. I'm certainly interested to see how hacking, electrician and mechanic pan out further as well when there's more in the world to use them on. I think there's a lot of fleshing out that could be done on the 'trade' style skills eventually.

And I know that feeling too well. If I click this icon my free time may suddenly all be gone... *click* :D

Hey BloodIndex,

Your post got me to thinking, why can the botanist only use his skill to scare off the dogman in the first encounter? If this particular plant just happens to be leaning in from the broken window then it must be fairly common. If the botanist could make some of this stuff and store it for later it would would drastically change alot of opinions about the strength of the botany ability. Even if it only gave you better odds of a trap working or a better chance at fleeing. I don't think Dan wants to give us a leg up at all when it comes to the dogman though.

+1 on your idea, BloodIndex!

I'm right there with you on these possibilities. I've already written more than my fair share on the subject, so I'll just add my support to you from the background on this one. :)

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Random thought; Eucalyptus... Kind of an invasive species tree, if I remember correctly. Great bug repellant, but not the greatest firewood. Unless you like things to explode. (Botany + Mechanic = Eucalyptus Molotovs? lol)

Well there are roots that make good antibacterial soap when smashed into paste, and other that are good for eating. There are literally hundreds of edible green leafy plants. Some of them have nutritional value, and other are good for spices. Then you have medicinal plants like aloe, lady ferns, mint, Blood flower, Poppies, Tansy, Dandelions, Pine Needles, Alfalfa, Catnip, Sage, Winter savory, feverfew, burdock, sweet marjoram, red clover, navajo tea, wild quinine, and probably 15 different kinds of berries.

In Michigan, which is relatively fertile, there are dozens of roots, herbs, flowers, trees, and plants that would be of use to a survivalist knowledgeable in botany.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

I've only just gotten into Gardening IRL, so I recognize a lot more of the plants you listed than I would have a few years ago. XD

I'm wondering how many of those common species now would outlast a post-apocalyptic humanity though. Nature is pretty resilient, but with the multiple mentions of supernatural entities and origins mixed into Neo Scav, that also opens up paranormal mutations. For example, I seem to remember there was a short quest line in Shadowrun that had a 'bleeding tree' because it kept eating people who tried chopping it down for the blood red wood.

Then theres the jokes me and my mates tell about breeding Kudzu with an edible plant. Hearing stories from the farmers about weeds that grow a foot a day in industrial farms is always interesting, or something as simple as a dried out corn stalk puncturing someone's tires. Or there's a plant that we're still trying to filter out of our yard that the locals call "Goatshead", puts out extremely resilient seedpods that look like coltrops and can puncture through an inch of rubber. They are hated by the bicyclists out here, and no child goes barefoot.

For all the things that would accentuate and work along side things like trapping and medic, I enjoy thinking up crazy ways to weaponize plants. I blame my little nephew.

Thorn whips for melee maybe? Poison and Tranq darts for ranged? Scent disguises for athletics? Contact poisons for people who hide (probably a one shot camp trap)?

Electrician/Botany could probably find and refurbish a greenhouse, maybe make a little farm of plants, though they'd have to learn how to fortify the place, no doubt raiders would be thrilled to swarm someones farm work.

I took a pause to consider how Hacking and Botany could work in tandem ans was about to give up when I got to thinking about the fractal appearance of nature. Perhaps the knowledge of biology and science of plants could help a hacker make a specific type of 'primal behavioral' viruses, things that could be planted for slow or later activation.

Okay that might be reaching a bit far... XD

I think you guys are running into the same issue I am: too many ideas and too little time!

I definitely like the idea of giving more creative power to players with offbeat skills like botany, hacking, etc. I originally didn't plan on combat playing a major role in NEO Scavenger, and I wanted other skills to have their time in the sun. As it turns out, conflict is pretty hard to avoid in the apocalypse, and now we're stuck with it. At least the system seems to be fun!

Getting back to skills, though, if I get my way, there will be more to do with trade skills. I've always had this idea in the back of my mind that mechanic and electrician skills would allow tinkerers to make useful tools and repair items. And botanists could do more than find mushrooms and berries.

I even want to add other skills and abilities. But doing that just means I have more empty skills in need of useful things to do with them, so I'll wait until the existing skillset is fleshed-out a bit more.

I guess the good news is that at least the world of NEO Scavenger offers opportunities to add these things. Now, if I can only manage to fulfill that potential!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'm actually patiently awaiting the next build before I spout off any more thoughts or ideas. Looks like a plethora of attention is coming to NEO Scav, so I'm sure there will be ideas out the wazoo for combat, weapons, vehicles and so on.

Besides. It gives me time to research bizarre plants and functions that might be fun to throw in to the idea pool. ;)

As a side note; Have you ever been hit in the head with a Cucumber, full force and momentum? It fucking hurts. Lost a tooth when I was a kid to an angry brother. Dont underestimate the veggies.

I have a friend who once hit one of his friends with a cattail. The guy was reeling in pain and he replied it couldn't possibly hurt until he whacked himself with it and immediately retracted the statement.

I'm wondering if these botany herbs would make more sense as a resource processed through searching (a la lakes and forest) or another thing scavenged at random. I can definitely say that given the low yield I get from fields and their tendency to get me encounters with dogmen, I avoid them anyway, but this could be a nice excuse to try.

There's a neat breed of Thistle growing int he wetlands across the street from my house. Not sure what they're called, but they produce these great big heads, a bit bigger than the size of your fist, and during the late summer when they dry out, the delicate green spindles become needles of agony. With a delicate touch they're fine, but they sure sting when thrown at an unarmored target. Owwww.

I'd like to see getting plants from searching the lake, river and marshland tiles actually, since there are very specific plants that grow to those environments that open fields and forests would not (like those cattails for example).

Cucumbers & cattails are strictly amateur hour.

Go find yourself a beechnut tree & harvest the nuts before they lose their spiny coating. When I was little we used to hoard those up & then go all Lord of the Flies on each other.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

I like BloodIndex's suggestion (well maybe not the supernatural part, but poisoned barbs isn't unrealistic for more advanced wilderness skills and hunting in the game world) and the idea of botany being a skill that helps in lots of small ways frequently all through your adventures. Trapping and Botany are two skills that should make a huge difference for the player surviving in the wild. Someone without that is the washed up town dweller on the desert island with nothing but the shirt on their back. Screwed. Knowledge of those two skills should mean you'd be able to live it up like these survival experts by comparison. They'll feel way less overpowered once the technical skills come into play as more desirable and useful and if urban areas or settlements play a bigger part. The mountain man ideal builds of today will hopefully be less frequent when players realise that knowing how to work a computer or fix a car is something worth taking as part of your build too. As it is the neglected skills make the others feel they are or have the potential to be overpowered. Some things though are bound to be better than others for survival. Especially with combat-related abilities and the waves of dogmen and bandits.

I've been using Botany in a few builds, but recently trying other stuff.
I'm not sure how much of it I've seen, for me it was mostly just mushroom & berry identification? Seemed very "survivalist".

Seeing comparisons with the idea of a herbologist trait tho has ideas flowing.
Not sure how mechanics work, enjoying the mystery ;) So forgive my ignorance.

Time restrictive, maybe every "pharma" solution for medicine could have 1 "natural" equivalent.
Post apocalyptic shaman style medicine must exist? How many doctors could have survived? :D

But high brow concept, and as to not create any overlap with the medic trait.

Herbologist (Botany)
Produces natural remedies to improve "comfort", aiding in the healing process.
Combat benefit of poisons.
Sustenance (berry identification).

More effecient use of modern medications. Improved "pain" based solutions, aiding in the healing process.
Combat benefit of anatomy hits.
Use of pre-apocalpyse medical equiptment. (Like the intro sequence)

that seems to be the gist of it as far as i can tell.

i wont spoil the actual recipe in case you dont know it already, but you can make herbal remedies that boost your immune system with the botany skill. basically antibiotics thats weaker, but much easier to find/create.

check out