Squirrel rots in a few hours

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Squirrel rots in a few hours


I was thinking about this and the squirrel becomes rotten meat way too fast, it takes about 2-3 turns and I figure this would be a only few ingame hours which is kind of fast for something so fresh. I guess a dead squirrel would be good for at least one whole day. What do you guys think?

One day certainly, maybe 2 tops

Happens to me as well, unless you cure the meat it is impossible to keep it edible.

A common scenario for me is going into a forest, catching a squirrel then heading back home so I can properly cook it etc. I might need 1 rest(ending my turn) or 2 and then it's rotten.

It also seem to rot faster if you have it in your hand but I hadn't had the chance to play a lot lately and test it again. If it's the case I'll add it in the Technical Support section of the forum.

I'm also bot sure if the "fast rotting" is intended or a bug. Probably that when Dan has a second we will have an answer on this.

I feel like it's fairly realistic to be honest. Every time you craft with the squirrel it resets to 100%. I'll catch a squirrel and put it in my kit and wait to skin till it's in poor condition, back to 100%, wait to cook it till its in poor condition or getting close since you need preparations for cooking, again back to 100%. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better scenario if you consider the entire "shelf" life of the squirrel. N e ways just my thoughts. Good luck!!

Well, that's not really a realistic mechanic, I can understand your overall logic but if we were to think about the decomposition of edible meat that goes through various states of 'preparation' it should look something like this (assuming that condition never gets reset and is representative of the state of the rottenness of the meat, not of any other factor):

Stage 1: Corpse - condition decays slowly at first but increases at rate after the first few hours, might also want to factor in humidity and temperature unless the corpse is kept in storage (which should delay its decomposition regardless i guess)

Stage 2: Raw meat - fastest decay time, you don't want to have your meat in this condition for any extended period of time, should become diseased in a matter of hours->up-to-a-day

Stages 3: Cooked/Cured - considerably longer decay time, 2-3 days for cooked state and up to a few weeks for cured state.

In my opinion that possible degree of bacterial infection should be tracked independently (with a slight reduction when cooked/cured/simmered-in-alcohol(/re-boiled or charred?), when it could still provide nutritional value if a person digests infected meat but person might get a nasty disease later (a cocktail of rotten meat and anti-biotics anyone?), I think that only a medic/botanist should be able to track the degree of infection in a slab of meat, however of course large scale infection will rapidly accelerate the decomposition process which is apparent to all chars, so don't eat meat in really poor condition.

(apologies if my comments are a bit long winded and presumptuous, please let me know if they are not appreciated, I just like to think about these sort of mechanics)

Yeah I agree somewhat. I'm cautous to say fairly realistic in that it gives the player time to deal with the decay rate. Not realistic in any other way thats true.

However you can take a piece of meat on its way out and cook it and it'll last just as long as it would if it was farm fresh.

Tempeture is going to be the biggest varible in the decay rate and because of that I think it's designedd to work the way it does. Because tempeture is'nt even a varible we can track closely and reliably.

My only complaint about squirrels is that sometime when you trap them, they only last a round or two before they go rotten. This makes it hard to get to safety & skin them.

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Yep exactly my point khemeher, I mean lets say that a round is an hour(I actually think its that more or less), so the squirrel becomes rotten in two hours which is where I see this unrealistic like Albertros said. I could agree though that the raw meat could decay faster but more for the fact that we dont have tupperware or clean plastic wrap to carry it, so the bloody piece of meat might only get dirty and unedible with all the junk we are carrying. So can we get some tupperware lol. (not really)

Heck yeah NEO scavenger tupperware party lol!!

Squirrels come in different conditions just like any thing else, not every squirrel you snare is going to be farm fresh. I've snared squirrels on there way out too and there isn't much you can do about them spoiling. But that just adds another layer of realism, I wouldn't expect to never come across a unhealthy squirrel. Again fairly realistic imo.

I'm going to start another play through and keep track of the condition of the squirrels I snare unless someone has already done it. Maybe that's the bigger issue, just too many in bad condition from the start.

Also does anyone know how long a squirrel in great, say 85% or above, condition will last before skinning?

Hmm...maybe having a living squirrel that is close to its expiration date when you trap it is not a mistake.

Maybe that's meant to indicate the overall health of the squirrel, radioactivity, and whether or not dogmen have been at him.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Hey Guys!

The corpse definitely sounds like it's expiring too fast. It's true that some corpses will be found already in a state of decay, but they should be lasting longer than 2-3 hours, on average.

Looking over the data, it seems like the corpse is an outlier in decay time. Raw and cooked versions of the meat last 1 or more days, depending, while the corpse seems to be set for 4 hours. Must've been a typo, I'm thinking.

I'll bump the corpse up closer to 1-2 days, and we can give that a shot. You'll still stumble across semi-decayed corpses when scavenging, but on average, they should last longer in the next build.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks Dan, you hearing us it much appreciated. :D