New Beta and Demo Builds: Item Swap and Load Game Fixes

I've just finished uploading new beta and demo versions 0.953b and 0.953d. They include some fixes for some fairly major bugs people have been seeing since 0.952. The changes include:

  • Fixed "last move" in battle screen showing moves from last battle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused disappearing items when switching weapons at the beginning of a battle initiated by scavenging.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash on loading a save game.
  • Changed blood loss to regenerate faster when empty, but tax metabolism more.
  • Changed low blood supply conditions to increase hunger and thirst rates.
  • Fixed spelling error in Junk Market intro encounter.
  • Fixed quick recipe for quality torch using lighter fluid.

The item swapping and load game fixes were fairly game-breaking, so hopefully this new version makes things smoother for players.

As always, thanks for the feedback and bug reports!