Awesome game! I'm totally confused!

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Awesome game! I'm totally confused!

Some spoilers I guess, but I suppose most posters here know this game much better.

So I'm a newbie, only been playing the game for two days I just heard about it by chance and really dug the concept, have been failing miserably most of the time until I took an Athletic/Melee/Tough/Lockpick/Strong build and was pretty much swimming in loot from pretty early on and figured out most of the basic mechanics so i managed not to die. I made my way to the glow pretty easily, avoiding most dog men but killing two along the way just cause I can why not.

So after getting to the Glow and meeting the Hatter I went on the quest to retrieve the urn from the Hidden Lake, I got there with no real difficulties, making proper campsites along the way scaring armed thugs, killing unarmed ones and running away from dog persons and just enjoying life in the post apocalypse. I got to the lake, I get in the house, get into the main floor and grab the urn, on the way out 'icy fingers' and the such, I start heading back, end my turn a few steps away when suddenly i'm attacked by a hidden assailant, I try 'looking' for it a couple of times and nothing while it starts hammering me, I try running away blindly and nothing, and that was the end of my most promising scavenger. was this a scripted event of some sort? am I not supposed to take the urn?

All in all I really liked the game, the various rifle related bugs are really frustrating though, I also encountered a few 'item disappearing' issues, especially with held weapons. Can't wait for more updates & conent.

Well.... You are suppose to take the urn, but there is something in the house that will kill you if you wander too long in it, as far as I'm aware there are two items that can be taken, the urn and a "hood" which I never got to use since the same thing killed me shortly after I managed to get it.

If you manage to get the urn you take it back to hatter for a item that will be useful(hopefully) on the next update to the game.