So when we getting laser Rifles?

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So when we getting laser Rifles?

Just found this in the game code. Giiiiive eet to meh nao.

Table name="itemtypes"
column name="id">99</column>
column name="nGroupID">60</column>
column name="nSubgroupID">2</column>
column name="strName">rifle</column>
column name="strDesc">Deltec LAR-10 Laser Rifle</column>
column name="vImageList">ItmLaserRifle.png,ItmLaserRifleStored.png,ItmLaserRifleHeld.png</column>

Deltec LAR-10 Laser Rifle!!!!!

So much want.

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Hahaha, i came across the same thing and i went "The hell?!"

Yeah, want!

Wait at minute.... -.-

Dan's that a LASER RIFLE strapped to his back???????

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I think I've clearly underestimated the value of the squirrel pelt tunic.

If Dan's tooling around with a laser rifle & "Ze Goggles" then the tunic must be a choice accessory too.

EDIT: The crisis has been averted. I've used my mad paint skills to borrow Dan's LAZAR, and gotten a broadsword for good measure.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Very nice!! I'm still holding out on the water proof instrument of death!!

I've actually managed to get this into the game, in a rather hackery (Is that a word? It should be) way by changing the scavenge drops for the forest.

Spoiler contains how to do this.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

It's rather powerful and can kill just about anything in a few shots.
I realise that this may not have been the information you were after, but I thaught that you might like to know that you can use the laser rifle.

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I only get symbols when opening it with notepad++
i have totally no idea what im doing, can someone please tell me how to get the actual program code?

Power at its finest

Well, this was posted almost two years ago and the whole structure of Neo Scavenger's scavenging (among many other things) has changed substantially and this will not work in this way.

I think the modding system will get this to work again (provided the rifle's files are still in, if not then I may have an old version about to rip them from).
As writing this I looked through the new system and "neogame.xml" contains the relevant information. The same method may still work but the item and scavenging/treasure tables will be in different locations (82684 to 101208 and 103323 to 108772 (currently the end of file), respectively)

Also, this thread stopped a year and a half ago. It's bad practice to go necroing such old threads, perhaps just send a PM or two to the appropriate people with the link to the thread as reference.

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Damn, son. I'm totally doing this tonight. I'm gonna run around barbecuing dogmen all whacked out on Corn-A-Cola & prescription painkillers while listening to Butthole Surfers & Funlovin' Criminals.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Ooh, sneaky :)

Yeah, the LAR-10 has been in there for a while. I was actually waiting for two things before enabling it:


I wanted to create a logical place to find one, like an armory, or a downed military craft. Finding one in someone's living room would raise an eyebrow or two :)

Plausibility and Balance

I'm not sure if I like the idea of a clip powering a high-energy weapon or not.

As it stands, the clip works kind of like the .308. It's a small item installed in the weapon, and contains a certain number of charges. Firing the LAR-10 is done on either high or low setting, using correspondingly higher and lower numbers of charges from the clip.

There is technology out there that could make sense. One of them is explosive power generation. The EPFCG is an example of this tech, which is basically a man-portable, high energy generator that is destroyed when used. Good for a short, high-energy blast, then expended like a shell casing.

However, that may not be small enough to fit several into a clip. It might make more sense to power the LAR-10 via a backpack or hip pack. Sort of like the laser gun from Akira. Or perhaps make it do both, with the clip holding 1-2 high power shots, and the backpack holding more.

I want there to be sci-fi tech in the game, but I'd like it to be plausible.

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Yeah, the LAR-10 has been in there for a while. I was actually waiting for two things before enabling it:

Within about 2 minutes of reading this i started to wish for energy shields and lightsabers!

This made me realise that adding these types of weapons need to be handled very carefully or else we could be playing a turn-based version of Contra and it will lose the survival nature of the gameplay.

The types of weapons i would love to see added to the game are ones that would have to be crafted ie: crossbow, shurikens, pipe bombs, big pointy stick and bladed boomerangs:) etc...

Maybe the laser rifle could be the only weapon that would be able to kill a certain type of deadly uber-enemy, of which there could be maybe be a couple of them (enemies) on the map guarding something cool (recipe for a big mac maybe!).
This way we wouldn't want to waste the ammo on feeble barefooted looters etc and we would probably end up stashing the gun away to free up inventory space and only retrieving it when we find out where the deadly uber-baddies are located.

Please use the laser rifle if you must, but please avoid the Fallout weapon inflation syndrome! I love finding a single bullet a la The Road, keeping it for the right moment. That is what should make Neo Scavenger unique.

Love your game, by the way. Impressive work.

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More than weapon inflation I worry about how it'll affect the balance. I'd like most firearms, including buckmaster to be deadly, killing nearly every unarmored target if said target will be hit in the torso or the head. Laser rifle though is probably a lot stronger to also prepare one for future enemies, worrying me that regular guns will become obsolete.

Fallout inflation is one thing, I worry about something else. That at some point the gun I'll be using will act like some sort of paintball one despite enemies being seemingly quite 'regular' - because it will be some late stage of the games where everyone gets more health. It's not a case right now though, so I post it more like a humble reminder to watch out for such situations.

Also, if we are still (hopefully) in frame of mind of making NEO Scavenger at least semi-realistic, I'd keep laser rifle as somewhat rare item - not because it'd be powerful, it's basically bunch of relatively fragile electronics requiring hi-tech power supply too. So probably some security personnel of high-sec facilities could have some but it wouldn't be fitting for the field work in the wild and models left in some abandoned ruins probably would have higher chance of not working/electrocuting the user without heavy maintenance and parts exchange being performed first.

I mean, those reasons are why we don't really use lasers IRL - we already could produce a weaponry that infantryman could carry but it would be effective in about the same degree traditional good firearms are while being vastly more expensive in production or use, less handy and far less reliably working in most extended combat scenarios.

What I'd hope to see available in game more would be regular handguns (pistols, revolvers etc) - I seriously lack being able to just walk around wilds not afraid of regular hobo thugs because of my glock.

Scavenger - Agree 100%. I remember Fallout 2, where it took me four bullets from a .357 M to kill a drug addict. Guess that was the reason the minimum caliber was 10mm.

Id also like more handsguns, but with limited ammo, an SMG is really not more than a oversized pistol. Also, bear in mind that with more guns in play, the hobo you meet might also be packing... ;)

Stun the world, with a good lead pipe. -Sugar Conny, swedish cartoon character.

True enough, though I was thinking more of pistols just being there, available, even if as (if actually not more) rare and expensive than buckmasters. As far as regular bandits go, that is a point - though I'd like there to be both decently armed raiders (by which I mean, having both boots, set of clothes and some weapon - ranged or not) and hobo bandits - absolute low in society brought over the edge of law by poverty, addictions and so on.

In my opinion think about guns thats people wouldnt think about taking shotgun would probably be the rarest because in every movie and game every there is a shotgun. But a 9mm handgun would be fairly common at least in a police station but ammo could be rare. I would also like to see the citys that look like they are still in fairly good condition have more loot spots and rarer loot spots aka hospital, police station, kennels (dogs anyone :)). I would also like to see more citys that are near Detroit but destroyed or possibly filled with other survivors or bandits. Also I want more roaming NPC's friendly, neutral, and hostile.

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Gun fact: shotguns are most commonly legally owned firearm in US (63% of all gun owners have one), second place goes to rifles (59%) and handguns are on the third place (58%). Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics

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Yes i get what you are saying but most people would nab up the shotguns real fast so thats all im saying

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That's an interesting fact. Though it has to be pointed out that it's US where guns are legal and commonplace. In many European countries though the situation is vastly different. First, since guns are outlawed without specific permission in some countries, pistols are the most commonplace as they are compact and can be easily concealed by their owner (whatever their reason for getting a gun is). Also, policemen etc have handguns, less so a rifle or a shotgun, at least when it comes to regular patrols. Speaking of which, I suspect the statistics you list also were made to count only guns legally owned by civilians. Though even here there's some glitch between statistics, as according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a third of all gun sales can be attributed to handguns, a third to both rifles and shotguns, and a third to ammunition.

In case of crime though, handguns are major 'tool of the trade' of robbers, murderers etc (even in case of US, report from California's Department of Justice notes that almost every firearm - 90.3% - used in crime is a handgun) but many of this weaponry isn't really legally noted/registered, but often track of it is lost (according to the same Bureau of Justice Statistics at least one handgun was stolen in 63% of cases of gun theft) and may not be counted in some statistics.

I suspect I can safely bet that handguns are actually the most commonspread type of firearm in most of the world (excluding areas such as war-torn third world countries), though I won't claim being infallible.

Just for clearance, data I presented considered arms that were: legally owned by civilians in the USA (in years 2003-2008 if I remember right).

Pistols are mostly for defense only, which is not a main reason for civilian gun ownership (if one is ready to believe internet sources of course). Main reason is recreational, mostly - hunting. That is why both shotguns and rifles are in front of handguns as they are both hunting and farming equipment. I found numbers, from around year 2000, telling that in my country (Poland - we have rather restrictive gun ownership law btw) there were about 17,500 civilian owned handguns as opposed to little less than 180,000 rifles.

I can also clearly agree that pistols are main tool for all sorts of criminals because of their compact sizes and easy way to handle and maintain. That don't necessary means that other kinds of firearms are not owned illegally as well and only that pistols are more convenient crime-wise. Also as far as I know most gun-related crimes like robberies, muggings and murders are city based while most of (legal or otherwise) the rifle and shotgun arsenal is placed on countryside.

Here is the site with some more numbers:

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Hey Guys,

I just wanted to say that I totally agree with being careful about weapon inflation. I also dislike how lethal weapons, like pistols, become obsolete later in games like Fallout. Rifts (the pen and paper RPG) was an even greater example of this power creep. I loved the setting, but it seemed to get more out of touch with each publication.

If I can, I want to keep it such that weapons do what you expect, regardless of when you find them in the game. So finding a pistol is still valuable later in the game, because it's still a threat. (And yes, I do plan on adding at least a couple more firearms at some point. Probably more civilian types, like you suggest.)

The laser rifle is something I added more for atmosphere than power. I want it to be clear that high technology exists in the game world. It isn't so common that it replaces modern tools. It's just supplementary, and focused in areas with more stability (or hidden high-tech caches in the wild).

You bring up a good point about the durability of laser rifles, though. It would be ideal if the laser rifle was plausible, but there's little reason to carry one if it gets knocked out of alignment easily. Especially if a trusty auto-rifle does the same job with less fuss. I'll have to give that some thought.

As always, thanks for the feedback!

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I think Noe Scavenger is a game where worlds collide a lot. You have the outside world where people are scraping a living, the Mega City where people probably use technology on a daily basis, the Enclaves which probably have an assortment of items and technology and other areas like science labs, which are fairly mysterious. I have no problem with an out-of-shape soldier in with technology getting destroyed by a scavenger with a crowbar. Having a fancy weapon doesn't always mean you know how to use it. I also imagine a lot of technology would be dangerous to use if you don't know how to use it (owners manual?). I don't have any fear of the introduction of military-grade equipment or even advanced technology. I don't think this game will lose it's charm. But I do think it would be interesting to have make-shift weapons that are difficult to craft, but are just as dangerous as advanced ones. I also look forward to the introduction of new types of opponents as these different tiers of weapons become available.

High tech weapons can also be limited by rarity and cost of ammunition, Assuming hat rifles are going to make 80% of things just as dead as a lasrifle would you can have twice the bullets For the same price (and find five times as many in the ruins)

It allows you to do certain trade offs though for example if the hip mounted power-supply has a far better weight to ammunition rate, Allowing a weak character to sacrifice wealth for carrying capacity.

Maybe put conventional firearm maintenance into the mechanical field and energy weapon maintenance into electrical, give those perks a bonus in how well they can care for the respective death-sticks.

It would be very nice if the power packs could be recharged via solar powered source granting one shot per day charging with 2-3 shots max. That would be an offset to being high maintenance and rarity of the item.