Bugs testing the mac version

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Bugs testing the mac version

I propose to launch a topic concerning the mac desktop version of the game, and particularly the bugs that occur in the game.

Here is what I found so far:

- Didn't find the jar of screaming eyes (but normal because no identification on the desktop version of the game)

- When I was looting, I had a meat cleaver, and I found a better one, so I decided to change it, but I got an Error Message! I could continue the game, but the meat cleaver disappeared from the inventory. It was still there, I fought with it, but not physically... Or it was taking so much more space than the usual.

You might've seen me mention it in another thread, but I think I've got this bug fixed in an upcoming version. Thanks for the tip!

As for Mac-specific bugs, do keep me posted. I've already had one person report trouble getting the downloadable Mac version from Desura to run on OSX 10.8 using an iMac. I directed them here to see if other Mac users are also having issues.

For reference, my Mac test machine runs OSX 10.7, but I was able to run it. Let me know if you have any more issues!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Just purchased this and unfortunately I am getting an error that states that the file is damaged. I am running on a MacBook Pro Retina with the most up to date OSX Version.

Hey CruJunes83,

Hm. Does the demo work any better? I'm wondering if it's the specific file, or the way I'm building it.

Also, when you right click on NEOScavenger.app.zip and "Get Info," what is the reported file size? I get 19,987,290 bytes.

And when the NEOScavenger.app is extracted, it is 42,802,812 bytes.

Let me know if those numbers look familiar to you or not.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Ya, the numbers are matching up. However I am still getting the same error. I also tried the demo, and it's also not working. Also, the version that you can play in your browser also doesn't work for me. It's not a big deal as I have a PC, but I figured you might want to know that for some reason I am not able to get it working on my Mac.

Even the browser version doesn't work? Is it a different error message in Flash?

If the Flash version is failing, that's pretty weird. It should fail across the whole platform if there's a plugin issue. Does Sol Solo work at all? Or any other Flash game?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

@CruJones83, I recently found some info which might be useful.

Is it possible that Gatekeeper is causing the issue? If you try ctrl-clicking or right-clicking NEO Scavenger, and choosing "Open," does that help?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I also found this: "Damaged" app. – The app has been altered by something other than the developer. This message will appear no matter the Gatekeeper option chosen.

"App name" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.
Safari downloaded this file on Date & Time from URL.

Hi, I just got this as part of the groupee bundle. I'm getting the same issue, cannot open, file damaged or corrupt. Turning off gatekeeper doesn't help, all it let's you do is delete it :(

Edit: running 10.8.2 (12c60) on a macbook retina.

Hi TardRage,

I had a user on Desura report this issue, and they said that ctrl+clicking or right-clicking the game and selecting "Open" fixed it for them. Does this work for you?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hmm I got it working by doing the right click->open with gatekeeper turned off. Doing either on their own wouldn't work. Very strange, I thought the right click->open was supposed to get around gatekeeper.

Thanks for the help. I've got a feeling Apple may still have a few kinks to work out with their new security feature.

Have a good one :)

Awesome, I'm glad to hear that worked. Also, thanks for sharing the info about both disabling Gatekeeper and right-clicking to work around the issue, that should help others who read this thread.

It seems like I'll need to investigate the digital signing that Gatekeeper requires, but you're right about this being uncommonly unintuitive for Apple :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I am having issues launching the standalone mac version on a Macbook Air running OS10.7.4. Simply put, I cannot open the application; a message pops up, declaring that I cannot open the file, and suggests that I move it to the trash. I've updated Flashplayer to the newest version, and I can run NEO Scavenger online, but this & other, similar files will not run.

It sounds like your Gatekeeper is set to prohibit launching applications that haven't been signed by a known publisher. If you set Gatekeeper to allow apps from "Anywhere," you should be able to launch NEO Scavenger. Gate Keeper settings are in System Preferences->Security & Privacy. There should be an option there to set it to Anywhere.

Does that make a difference?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

As much as I would like to blame Gatekeeper, there isn't even an option for it Security & Privacy. I'll most likely update to the OS, and see if I can get it to lunch under that.

That sounds vaguely familiar. I think I ran into that, too. I poked around a bit, and found a forum post that indicates 10.7.3 has some Gatekeeper functionality enabled, but it's hidden in the UI. The final post in that thread shows the command-line way to disable it if you cannot see the option in your UI.

That is, if you haven't yet already upgraded your OSX. Either way, let me know how it turns out. Other Mac users will definitely encounter this issue, so hopefully we can document the solution!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I can't open the app either. Lion The same can't open app error.

Hey brcosmin,

Did any of the above solutions work for you? Namely, ctrl+click or right+click and selecting "Open?" The user TardRage mentioned that they had to turn Gatekeeper off as well as right-click->Open to make it work. If you switch Gatekeeper to allow apps from "Anywhere," instead of just "Mac App Store," does that help?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

sorry, I forgot to say. I did try everything that's been said here. No luck.
I posted that on apple it says that damaged apps do not depend on gatekeeper.
Also, my version has not gatekeeper as it is a feature of a newer version than the one I have of Lion.

I actually get the "Damaged" error message when the security settings are set to either "Mac App Store" or "Mac App Store and identified developers," but it gives me a confirmation window allowing me to open it once I change security to allow applications from "Anywhere."

If you click on:

Apple menu > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy > General tab

Do you see a screen like this?


If so, what is the current selection in the red circled area?

If not, what do you see instead? Is there another UI in its place?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hello Dan,

No, I don't have those settings. As I said earlier, I don't have that version of Lion that has those settings. That area, on my mac is empty. I only have the settings beside the items you've shown me in that circle.

I believe this needs to be fixed from the way the application is released rather than through temporarily bypass some security settings in order to launch it. And from what I've searched, earlier versions of Neo scavenger have the same issue.

I was having the same issues, but setting GateKeeper to "Anywhere" fixed the issue right away!

Thanks for the solve fellas!

Sorry for asking redundant questions. Sometimes folks miss the links above :)

One other thing you could try is what is suggested in the final post in this thread:


In the OSX terminal, you can type:
sudo spctl --status

which should return the status of your Gatekeeper (OSX 10.7.4 may have it installed, but hidden). If the command returns "assessments enabled" then Gatekeeper is set to disallow apps downloaded from the internet.

If this is the case, typing the following will disable it:
sudo spctl --master-disable

You can also simply type sudo spctl to see the manual for spctl, which includes parameters you can use to re-enable it, setup rules, etc.

Alternately, you can try upgrading to OSX 10.7.5. I currently run that version, and the Gatekeeper UI is visible.

Let me know if this helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

i get "assessments disabled"

Hey brcosmin,

You're right that this is a problem with NEO Scavenger, and that users shouldn't need to change security settings to run the file. The correct fix is for me to obtain an Apple Developer account and to get each new build certified. I was just hoping to delay that until v1.0, since it seemed like it would delay each new beta build. I'll have to look into it, though, since no other options seem to help.

In the meantime, one other thought occurred to me: perhaps the downloaded file is actually damaged? If you open your terminal, and run the md5 command on the downloaded zip file, do you get a similar checksum?

Daniels-MacBook-Pro:Downloads Daniel$ md5 NEOScavenger.app.zip
MD5 (NEOScavenger.app.zip) = 48cbea68fa7369f09b25e633aadb5395

If not, then maybe the download was interrupted.

In any case, I'll start looking into the Apple certification process, to see what's involved. And I apologize for the inconveniences!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

The file isn't corrupted. Updating to Lion, fixed the issue. Thank you for staying on top of this and for the sincere insight.

I got this working simply by doing the following -

Apple Icon > System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General Tab (at the top) > Click the lock (to make changes) > Click allow applications downloaded from anywhere.

Tell me if this works. Hope it helps :)


С волка́ми жить, по-во́лчьи выть.

Hey brcosmin,

Glad to hear the update to 10.7.5 worked. It's unfortunate that you had to jump through that hoop, but it's helpful to know that 10.7.5 is one solution.

So far, my investigations into signing the app for Macs has been a bit frustrating. One signing authority says it will not directly sign a Flash projector. And Adobe says that it has ceased support for OSX 10.8 in Flash CS6. There are some 3rd party signing apps out there, such as Jugglor and mProjector, but I've seen more than a few folks say the resulting app tends to run slower.

I think Adobe wants developers to switch to AIR for packaging standalone Flash apps. However, I'm reluctant to switch to AIR given that they canceled Linux support, and the AIR installer tends to be more messy (not to mention the periodic nagging "Update Adobe AIR" prompts). Lars, developer behind Defender's Quest, has had more than a few headaches supporting AIR, especially on Linux.

So I haven't found a perfect solution yet. More than anything, I think this is making it quite likely I'll avoid developing Flash apps in the future. The limitations are starting to outweigh the benefits.

Anyway, if anyone has suggestions for avoiding the Gatekeeper issues, I'm open to ideas. In the meantime, it's good to know there are a few workarounds, even if they're clunky.

Thanks again for sticking with it, brcosmin. Your patience is appreciated!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hey Dan,

Just thought you should know, I'm running osx 10.8.3 and, upon downloading the zip for mac, depending upon the program I use, it's either a damaged/corrupted file and won't unzip, or it's 'unable to expand' due to 'error 2 - no such file or directory'.

What makes me curious is the size - 34.6MB, though when it starts downloading it indicates size will be 43MB.

Hm, that sounds like it may actually be a damaged zip file. The file size reported on the server is 41.15 MB for the Mac full version .zip, and 26.256 MB for the Mac demo .zip. So 34.6 seems oddly to be midway between those very different numbers :)

However, there are some reports on the web that unpacking in a directory with certain folder names could trip up the archive utility:


My feeling is that it's the former issue, though. Does your Mac have any sort of download accelerator, or download manager? Or is there some kind of hard disk compression that might be tripping it up?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hey Dan,

Indeed, it's an oddity.

No download accelerator/manager, or special kind of disk compression.

Just tried downloading again and it worked this time perfectly, no idea. Maybe being all the way over in Australia, there was some connection issue between the server and my internet yesterday, so it just cut it early.

Either way, all good now, thanks for the response!

No problem. Glad to hear it worked out, and was an easy fix!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games