Water vs Purified Water

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Water vs Purified Water

So if you obtain water from the land, is it drinkable?

I heard that if you had Botony, you could drink water you found from the environment. But I also heard that you should only drink purified or boiled water.

I've generally not boiled or purified water. On the other had, I've contracted cholera, diarrhea, and dysentery, despite my immunity bar being pegged at full power. I have this feeling every time you drink from non-purified water you're basically playing Russion Roulette.

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I don't know about the botany thing, I doubt a botanist could tell at a glance though. I'll only drink it and expect nothing to happen if the value reflects that is purified.

I think it is playing Russian Roulette when drinking unidentified water, or water that is not purified. I've had times where nothing happens after drinking unknown water and I've also died of cholera and diarrhea after drinking unknown water. Someone else had a good point and said that just because it's unknown doesn't mean that it's automatically dirty, and that's been true for my experience.

a trick i have found and it works for me fairly well

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Take a look at the $value of the water it usually goes from 0$ to 1$ for water found on the land and 6$ for purified water, the more value the less risk of contracting diseases (i think so)

Damn...that's actually pretty cleaver.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

I've stuck to boiled except in a couple of desperate bad starts and have never had cholera or dysentery, I've still had random diarrhea and sickness though but that may have been something else. I don't keep an eye on the condition of food much.

I keep a set of bottles for random water to take back to camp for boiling and a set of purified ones. You never know when you might need to wash 3 cuts all of a sudden and bunker down where you are with plenty to eat and drink.

So apparently randomly drinking from any old water you find is a bad idea. I guess I should have figured that out sooner, but I must not have been getting enough sleep previously.

It's clear to me now that drinking un-purified water will ultimately lead to hardship. You might not have a problem the first day, or the third...but believe you me that the check is in the mail. That's why everything is going great & suddenly BAM!!!! Cholera, Diarrhea, and Dysentery all at once in three different shades out of f***ing nowhere in the middle of a knife fight with a dogman.

My new sanitation policy is to drink ONLY water that I boiled, or is otherwise purified. In addition, I take the time to brew up some tannin tea once a day or so. This warms the body, but also beefs up the immunity so your system is bolstered against things like having a dirty crowbar shoved through your spleen.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

I survived Cholera, Diarrhea, and Dysentery, multiple times (Stage 2 on a couple of them). Typically I find I get the best water out of River tiles that are nowhere near a city tile (I might also just be imagining this has any effect). I have only ever had a camp fire in ONE game (so no boiled water, ever) and have no idea how to use the AquaPure pills (which I only recently started finding).

Level of purification currently means nothing to me. I'm not dying from infection or intestinal bleeding any more. Its pretty much just the Dogmen. With my most minimum build (Lockpicking, Hiding, Botany, Eagle Eye) in the current revision of the game, I'm outlasting all negative effects from unhealthy water. The buggy part is; I'm drinking the same water that infected me in the first place to counteract the vomitting and getting better instead of worse.

I'm actually dying more often on another build I've been bug testing after another players comment (Tough, Strong, Athletic, Melee). Neither build should have any particular advantage over another regarding water, but my Strong and Tough character seem to be getting sick way more often than my average botanist.

What I wonder though, is water found originally in a bottle purified, or not?

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I tore open the code to find this and it is a definitive "Yes" (15% chance to find it)!

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Actually...it depends.

The problem is that when you find water, you have no idea how it got there. Therefore, you can never really be sure whether the water bottle is still factory fresh, or was refilled eleventy-three times. There is no "safety seal" on any bottle in NEO Scavenger.

What you can do, however is look at the value of the bottle. If a filled water bottle is worth $6, then it's pure. If it's worth significantly less than that, it's toilet water, and will rape your intestinal tract.

You can pretty much be sure that any "loose" or "free range" water you find will be a social club for pathogens. This water needs to be boiled or purified to ensure your safety.

Having said that, the impact that "not-so-fresh" water has on your system is also strongly dependent on your other health indicators & your overall immunity rating. So boosting your immunity protects you, as does being well-fed & well-rested. But there is some renegade code in there that can sometimes give you multiple hits that will floor your immunity without warning, leading to sudden shocks of cholera, etc.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Water collected from dew is usually safe to drink. Would also love a possibility to purify water using plastic shopping bags and water evaporation (way better than just boiling). Add some wooden charcoal + sand stuffed into a plastic bottle without a bottom and pour it through for even better water quality. ..and so on and so forth. Should be more ways to purify water than just tablets and boiling, especially since neither is very effective against heavy metals/other sorts of pollutions one would expect in post apocalyptic world.

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It must be my sheer propensity to endure a survival rogue-like of this nature by eating and drinking everything in game without preparing it first. If it don't kill ya', it'll put hair on your chest and you'll be all the better for it. I haven't boiled or cooked anything yet, but that hasn't stopped me from sampling the indigenous fawn and flora with reckless abandon. Hell, I even eat all those clues you guys keep littering the forest with all week. That's like gum to me and I love it!

After some time of this careless activity, it would be interesting to start developing certain permanent physical ailments OR traits that you can't get otherwise....just because. I'm not exactly sure how I've been able to play in this fashion without dying. I've never died in this game violently yet...or even died from anything I ate. What does end up killing me is hypothermia eventually...or something equally silly. And now I'm getting hungry again...

Where did I put my stinky squirrel roadkill and crackers?

Wow, I guess I've been verrrry lucky. I bought the game earlier today and played it for a few hours -- I love it! I've also been drinking whatever water I come across and haven't gotten sick yet. Now that I have a decent game going, I'd better start being more careful! :)

I prefer stocking up on antibiotics rather than boiling water, which is tedious. I don't think they have any other use anyway. I had Cholera 2/vomiting/diarrhea all strike me simultaneously twice in the same game, and a single dose of AB took care of everything both times. I also usually take Tough trait, so maybe that helps surviving these diseases, too.

My suggestion, is once you get to the glow, find a spot with a river/creek near it, make that your camping spot where you drop your tent and sleeping bag, once you have a spot where need to come back to when you're character is tired, it's so easy just to boil water once every once in awhile, I haven't ran out of water or came any where near being thirsty with this method.

Also what I do is merely grab a bunch of wood and tinder into a secondary backpack and just carry it over and dump it out at the camping spot, after you make it to the glow, theres no excuse to risk drinking those water drops, it's just not worth the risk.

Boiling water has got to be the most needlessly tedious mechanic I've ever experienced in a video game, and I'm used to playing roguelikes like Nethack and Unreal World.

PLEEEASE make it so that we can just drop bottles of unpure water into the crafting area, instead of having to remove the droplets individually from each bottle. This one small change would drastically improve over-all enjoyment, at least it would for me.

I only just bought NS but I've been rolling characters with high metabolisms because I like finding food and water to be an actual challenge. The current procedure to boil water however is not challenging, just incredibly boring. This is pretty much my only gripe with the game.

Seconded! I'm dying (ha!) for a mechanism, any mechanism, to make the boiling water process less cumbersome. Currently, it makes playing the game a chore, really. The water issue is the only thing that makes me want to stop playing the game =P

Unless there's a better way that I haven't figured out yet, here's my process:

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1) place twigs in crafting area
2) place lighter in crafting area
3) craft small fire
4) place fire in crafting area
5) grab bottle with water to boil, place in hand slot
6) grab water from bottle, place in crafting area
7) grab tin can, place in crafting area
8) craft purified water

So... that's somewhere in the neighborhood of 16-20 clicks to make one drop of purified water, which barely moves the hydration meter in the current build!

I wouldn't mind it if all those steps were done once, and then I could boil a large number of water drops at once... or if the hydration gain from a single drop of water actually filled the meter a significant amount (say, if I was dehydrated, two drops or so would fill the meter fully). Instead, it takes... more than I've ever had the patience to boil =)

Ahh, after reading some other forum threads, it seems there IS a better way: once you have the recipe for something (like purified water), you can click the recipe and it will fetch the materials out of your inventory for you! I guess I should have figured that out on my own =)

That solves the "getting water out of the bottles" problem. I also discovered that there's a more efficient way to boil water than the "tin can" method I was using before:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
You can boil 3x water in a pot if you have a full campfire... and it doesn't consume the campfire (unlike the tin-can and small campfire method).

I think it adds a real survival element the game when you to have to purify the water. I kind of enjoy setting up a camp a in the woods when night falls and then I start tinkering with my items. Usually I'll make some tea to drink then I try and boil some water to carry with me on my journey. And great tip about the recipes I did not know that was possible.