Another Look at Stealth

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Another Look at Stealth

I call it Stealth, but it's really the Hiding Skill.

The idea is that right now, you can only hide once you've occupied a block. The moment you leave the block, you are no longer hiding. So any transition between blocks is done without the benefit of stealth. To me, this flies in the face of a stealth based character, who by their nature will move slower & take their time to avoid detection while in transit.

To solve this, I propose that you have the ability to move while hiding. However, the cost for movement should be 2 points instead of 1. This will account for having to move slower & more carefully. In wooded terrain, where you already have a limit of 1 move / round, this shouldn't be diminished, but there should be a % chance of losing concealment due to a broken twig or walking through dry leaves or something.

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I second the motion to be able to move slowly while hiding