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I cant embellish how epic this is;

First fight out of the Cryo, Boyfriend Punches a dogman to death, using nothing but Punch, Parry and Obstacles.

And he never took a hit.

He fears nothing now.

Damnit, he just found a Lake too. Envy!

balls of steel.
i won't even touch a dogman with a meat clever.

i think i've invested too much time in this game when i'm carrying a first-aid box full of ketchup packets.

Every time he sees a dogman now, he shouts "BALLS OF STEEL!" and tries to kill it now. Thanks. XD

BloodIndex should have her own channel.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Does this mean I'm going to end up doing a 'Lets Play' of NEO Scav? :P

I may have to write more stories of my adventures.

79 plays.

Only one managed to make a campfire.

I have bad luck with finding lighters.

BF finds 2 lighters with a total of 40 charges his first run.


Your "Finding Lighters" ability must be nerfed. Rare is the time I don't have 2 lighters in my jeans pocket in the first few rounds of the game.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Keep in mind the time of the posts and what build we were in. They spawn like Candy now and I no longer have issues. But I still haven't built a campfire. Dogmen keep killing me before I get that far. XD

That is epic!! I had a scoped rifle and five shots. Range at the start of the encounter was 4 I think, and thats where I started shooting. I hit em twice and missed twice and now the range is zero and he let me have it. Died with one round left in the chamber at my side lol. I can't imagine punching one to death thats awesome!!

His favorite weapon currently appears to be a Cleaver, he likes the bleed effects, but he still spends most his time using Lure and Obstacle. Both of us actually started using Tackle/roll/get up/attack loops on the bandits and raiders... "He started it!" My boyfriend declared, and figured if it kept killing him, the AI must know something.

Kung-fu action on Dogmen, Hobo Brawl on everything else. XD

He's having fun describing the game as Sim Hobo now, and spends most days trying to find his Shopping Cart again. (His last game didn't save properly and he's been sulking.)