Pain Killers for sleeping

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Pain Killers for sleeping

I think that it should be possible to A) Take enough pain killers to die. And B) Take enough pain killers so that an insomniac can get to sleep. Or maybe drink enough whiskey to help sleeping. The point being is that I think it would be a nice addition to the game if you could make up for red traits with items. I.E. if you're frail you can take steroids, if your hard of seeing you can get glasses, if you're an insomniac you can drink booze until you fall asleep. You take red traits but you sacrifice a constant supply of inventory space if you want to make up for it. Still allows a risk vs reward and an efficient inventory management system.


The painkiller overdose idea is realistic and might be worth adding.
About insomniac characters alcohol might do the trick like you suggest, and maybe in the future there would also be "sleep pills".
The idea of balancing red traits with items is nice, and I especially like the idea of wearing glasses: that way you remove the penalty for being myoptic, but you also use an eyewear slot which could have been use for, say, night vision goggles or such.


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I like the idea of having to drink & pop pills to sleep if you have insomnia. However, like any drug, you should have an increasing chance of becoming addicted to drugs & booze. If that happens, you can't function properly without them, and you need even more to sleep. Eventually, you'll suffer renal failure & die - just like any other wino.

EDIT: Partly this can be mitigated by taking uppers to get jump-started in the morning. I've known ironworkers who took downers & pot to fall asleep, then started the day with a healthy dose of speed to go with their coffee. I once told them they couldn't keep that up for long, and they told me they did it for twenty five years (!!!!!).

Sooner or later, your number is going to come up playing that game.

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Or the opposite can be true. Your body gets used to them and you have to take more and you have to up the dosage. Or you could stop taking the and wait a few in game days for their effectiveness to come back down. I'm not so sure about your number automatically coming up in this game. If it weren't for a glitch I found (recently) I think I could continue to play forever with this one guy. I am SUPER freaking careful in this game nowadays.


This wouldn't be the same guy who caught fire & burnt up would it? Because I'm pretty sure saying you'll never die is reason enough for you to spontaneously combust.

The case is solved...that'll be $20.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

I accidentally ate a whole stack of pain pills and nothing happened. I was going to report it as a bug, but I couldn't remember if it was a stack of the over the counter Tylenol type pills or if it was the hardcore prescription type. I think there were 8 or 9 in the stack.

Overdose and Addiction, please. ;)

I think I'd actually enjoy playing a junkie, considering some of the builds are strong enough to make the game be easy mode (Athletics/Melee seems to kinda 'win' just about any combat situation).

I can almost see the Hatter getting me hooked on something like speed just so I'd be forced to keep going back to him for supply and have to pay him by preforming jobs...

Yup. Mostly.

The only part of this idea I'd take issue with is:

"I.E. if you're frail you can take steroids."

Because taking steroids shouldn't counteract frail/feeble just by the act of popping some pills. It's one thing to drink yourself to sleep or pop some painkillers which have narcoleptic side effects to counteract Insomnia, quite another to take some steroids and suddenly be fitter and stronger. The former can have an immediate or at least, within hours, effect. The latter takes weeks.

I agree other than even if you did zero training and preparation being frail and roided out would prolly still give you fantastic results. You would at least be harder to deal with in combat maybe you could escape a dogmam or get a bonus to melee, encumbrance. Also it's easy to assume that just the act of surviving would be workout enough for the conditioning of being on the steroids. But then it would get confusing because you picked frail only to get addicted to something to counteract frail. But you did get to pick another ability for taking frail so yeah there is a reason to do it.

But there are other things that could give you the same bonuses, that would be immediate and probably not last as long which may be better for balancing.

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Mostly, I'm resistant (that's resistant, not opposed) to the introduction of high-tehc gubbins like nanomolecular muscle tissue boosters, or a NEO Scav version of Fallout's Buffout pills to the gritty-feeling, plastic bags and string world of NEO Scavenger. But, it depends on what Dan sees the game as, really. The sort of S.T.A.L.K.E.R-esque hobo side of it appealed to me, but if the developer wants a more Shadowrun-esque world as part of the larger plot, then fine. But, if we do end up with sci-fi Strength Potions, I think they should be something that you buy from a vendor and are rare. Super rare to find whilst scavving.

Yeah your right it depends on whats in store for us. I like the idea of potions.

I would love to see enchanted items. And since there is slots for amulets and rings I'm hoping that it's in the works and is going to be a deep (complex) system or mechanic. Speaking of which you start out with one amulet. Has anyone experimented with it in the crafting system? Or in any other way?

Or go the direction Fallen Earth did with its medications; Sure, this will heal you for a boosted amount, but the next half hour, your going to feel sick and weakened for shooting your system full of aggressive drugs. One might give you a super resistance to disease, but your immune system will be weaker afterwards (And possibly lead to addiction to keep that kind of resistance up). Something might toughen up your skin and give you a temporary Toughtness trait, but instead of being steroids with permanent muscle boosts, keep it temporary. A few turn cycles or last for one day before the side effects kick in.

the Side effects to all these possible drugs is what I think its lacking in this discussion, just a bit. Anyone ever read the fine print on some of this stuff we have in this modern day and age? I cant remember what it was called but I remember a commercial for some drug to help Autistic kids concentrate better but the side effects included stuff like anal bleeding, intestinal shredding, heart attacks, blindness and some other stuff that made me wonder why the fuck it was even on the market. The side effect list was so long I wasn't sure if it was a commercial for the drug, or a commercial to state how retarded "normal" people are when diagnosing a kid with autism just for having a short attention span.

Just because nano-medical supplies are avalible doesnt mean any form of medivcine has been perfected. God knows what new viruses and mutant diseases Dan may come up with later, just to screw with us more.

"Bovansilifisticuffs? What kind of infection is that?!"

Yeah If buffs through meds became available I would want it to be a big deal if you took it with some serious consequences.

Like I could go ahead and take this in hopes that ill escape this dogman, but if he so much as touches me I may die from not being able to stop my own bleeding due to passing out from the subsequent crash. Or something like that, so the only way you would consider it is if your in dire straights and desperately need a buff. I also would want them to be rare, maybe on the same order of whiskey.

Troublegum, that's how I personally feel about the game too. I grew up with the Cyberpunk 2013/2020 RPG and playing Shadowrun on the SNES, and I adore that genre, I just enjoy the "bleak, post apocalypse scavenging" feel the early parts of NEOScavenger gives you so much that I'm resistant to a more Fallout-y direction myself, too. Seeing Dan's work on the DMC makes me want a separate RPG by him set in a towering Bladerunner-ish neon city of drugged-up cyberpsychos, however.

Back on topic: I think Sleeping Pills should definitely be added as a way to sleep more soundly (even my non-Insomniacs often have restless nights) with the obvious downside being easily ambushed, robbed or even murdered in your sleep if you bed down and dose up somewhere non-secure.

I also like the painkiller overdose idea... I actually worried about that when I had a character hurt bad and was popping pills a lot, and was a little disappointed it wasn't possible. At least taking a bunch of them all at once should kill you, IMO.

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Well this is the future too we're talking about here. I mean in Junk town you can buy a nanomed kit. You could make up something similar. Like Space Steroids or Nanoboosters or something.


Stick to realistic drugs and effects. There is enough irl drugs with different effects. No need to make up new ones.

Sleeping pills: Full nights sleep. Harder to wake up if sound trap is activated.
Amphetamines (Concerta, Ritalin): 12h enhanced energy, followed by 12h reduced energy.
Cocaine: 30min energy boost followed by 1h reduced energy. Very rare, if not non-existent.
Alcohol: Possible more stable sleep, followed by possible reduced energy x h after awakening. Pain reducing effects. Lowered coordination.
Marijuana: See alcohol.
Bad (magic) mushrooms: Reduced energy/overall abilities for 3-4 h.
Paracetamol: 2-3 h of reduced effect of infection/inflamation or minor pain.
Anabolic steroids: no effect unless you use them daily for weeks.

The risk of getting addicted to any of the above is next to non-existent due to low frequency of intake. Possibly a mental addiction, but not a physical one.

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