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Neo Scavenger wiki!

Hey I'm DangerDan, I've been playing this game for a couple of days so far and I was browsing around the net and found the wiki. I realized however there are only 4-5 pages! I would like to make a couple at least for the skills. Maybe a noobs start guide! So I was wondering is there and specific layout all the wiki pages should be in? Thanks!

-Danger Dan
P.S. I will likely make a thread asking for people to spell check fact check any wiki pages I edit/create.

Hey Danger Dan,

I'm a noob as well and I definitely think that the wiki needs more material. Whenever I find a game that has this much depth, I usually head straight to the wiki. Neo-Savenger wiki is pretty underwhelming. I'm no expert in the game, but I've already made a few grammatical emendations to the current page. I'll definitely pitch in from an editorial perspective. Maybe people could toss around some ideas on the forum to make sure the information is accurate....noob guides are pretty sparse as well

Iv'e wanted to help with the wiki but I'm afraid of screwing it up with bad gramer and poor spelling lol. I could help out here in the forums though for ideas and content that you could then add to the wiki.

I'll gladly proofread anything the community wants to submit. My background is academic English. I may not have time to make it "perfect," but I'll make it clear and and easy to read...

I hadn't realised that the wiki had so little content!
I've started adding/editing important pages on the wiki, hopefully my efforts won't go unnoticed...

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I was going to start with the skills like I said. But I really don't know what all of them do. I'm starting out with the medic skill.

I too will assist in this, mostly because I love wikis and I find myself on it quite often.

I would help but I dont know how to edit a wiki its all to fancy for my head

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It is really very easy Nickboom, little more than a normal text editor like MS WordPad or something. But since most basic info is already there, all that is needed now is looking for a spelling mistakes and grammar errors. So all that you have to do is read it, find a mistake, click edit, put it right and click save. Simple as that.

You will need to register there first to do that.

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Well... Looks like it's time for the community to step up now ;)

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