Medic option in cryo lab halts progress?

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Medic option in cryo lab halts progress?

I chose the medic perk, dumped a stasis tank, searched for medical supplies, and found a medkit. However, I can't progress past this point because the medkit is placed in control of my cursor, so I can't click any progression options until I set the medkit down on the ground or my inventory, neither of which are available. Literally my only option is to restart. Has no one else encountered this? This seems like a major oversight, on either the game's or my part. EDIT: problem solved itself. For some reason, the Items option was not available for me that one time, but it is usually available. Please disregard/delete this forum post.

click on the inventory tab on the left side of the screen and place the item in hand or on the ground?

Yep, I've seen exactly this, too.  You can't put down the crash kit, it just stays in your hand. No amount of clicking anywhere seemed to make any difference.It's a shame, because you can't go BACK into the facility, once you've left.

If you click on the items button, you can equip the medi kit and then return to the encounter page.

Unfortunately, in my first two cases, the Item button never manifested.In the test I did just a few minutes ... er... 2 hours ago, it DID show up, after a couple of clicks.

Hey guys! I'm having trouble making this happen here (using beta 0.921b and demo 0.911d), but I've definitely seen others report the same issue. If you notice any clues leading to how this can be reliably reproduced, let me know, and I'll see if I can fix it.In the meantime, you can also use the "Q" button to open the items screen if that happens again.Thanks for the heads-up!

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