How do I get into Detroit once I have the tracking device?

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How do I get into Detroit once I have the tracking device?

I have the device I got from the hatter but even if I put it in my hand or bag it wont let me in. Do I need to somehow make it into a necklace or something?Oh btw I still have the 3 iSlabs I used to complete the quest? Possible bug?

ah okay, its possible I MOVED it into my bag first. If I put it down and pick it up again without move it works but now I'm sad because I reached the end :(.Keep up the good work people, it was super fun!

Put it on your wrist and move to the front entrance then they will let you in.


Is there a way to currently enter Detroit Mega City? It's always threat level "orange" for me. I believe this is a continuation of the previous commenter.

I believe that's all the plot related stuff that has been implemented so far.


You just consume the bracelet (yes, it took me a long time to figure out), and then you can enter the city. 

How? It keeps telling me to come back when the threat level is lower.

It seems to work for me. I didn't do anything special. Here's the screen when I enter Detroit:

For me they told me i needed to wait... I waited for almost 3 weeks (think thats a survival record or something) and everyday my Avatar goes up to the gates with tearfull eyes begging for being let in but nope... Still Code Orange or whatever....


That image is still outside detroit. The tracking device can be added to your wrist like the hospital bracelet, but it is always threat level orange in my games. I was hoping to clarify if you "can" actually make it into the city at this point.

I think jeff might be in the demo. It lets you in, but ends there. The beta denies you entry as far as I know.


No it does let you in and that's where the game ends atm. You just either need to "pick up" the transmitter or "consume it". Not 100% which of the two. If you just "move" it into your inventory though the game will act like you just dont have it.

If you are talking about the ID machine thingy then I did consume it. And before I had it acted like i did not have one. And said something like "blabla missing" or something. But with it consumed it says something like "blabla ID unauthorized blabla come back when threat level goes down". And this was in the beta

I've never gotten into the city either.Regarding the transmitter, I think the challenge is you can't see your wrist slot if you have long sleeves on.  If you pull off your shirts/sweatshirts you can see your wrists.  Maybe a box off the side showing wrists would be helpful?

If you move it over your wrists, the wrist slot will light up when you find the right place, with or without long sleeves.


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