tough, strong, melee, and athletic

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tough, strong, melee, and athletic

Everything was going fine, jumped out a window, couldn't find anything at first. Then, Dogman attacks out of no where!! I don't know what to do! I figure since I just started I might as well fight this thing. It gets a couple of hits on me and I miss nearly all the time. I'm bleeding terribly. Tides start to turn, however. I start tackling him successfully, he is tripping more often. He is starting to try and flee me, but I won't let up! I keep tackling and kicking him while he is down. Dodging only when I feel it necessary, almost got away from me when I dodged once. Luckily I caught up, as he still had some urge to advance towards me. I kicked him while he was down til he passed out, then, I whaled on his head. I was almost certain to die of my wounds after fighting a dogman in the nude. But I had a good haul in one building. found water, dirty rags, lighter, backpack, some food. But I was out of turns... I clicked end turn... and then...(dramatic pause for effect) I died of blood loss!!! And that's how I killed a dogman in the nude.

Oh, how I feel with you. :|