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Idea about shopping carts

Shopping carts, being the only vehicle in the game, are fairly rare and quite valuable. I was thinking about changing the way a player can get one: right now finding one requires just luck, and I'd wish that to change.

The idea I had is to add a scavenging location ( a mall or something like that ) where the player will have a good chance to find a shopping cart: this location should have a very low "Sneak" stat, making very likely that the player will have to fight ( or run like hell! ) in order to get the precious vehicle, maybe even with multiple enemies at once.

This idea came to me because it would allow well armed and supplied players to get the cart for hauling their loot, while the likely encounter with an enemy will keep away weak/wounded players.
I think that while this is not a top-priority feature for the current build, it would make a nice addition in the future.

What do you NEOScavengers think?


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My personal opinion is that it's not really necessary. I don't think that that is a bad idea, I just don't see that this is something to bother with right now. I'm pretty sure thos rare carts aren't the only thing Dan had in mind.

But IF this is not the case, and the carts will be the only vehicle, then I would really consider your idea !

This idea might as well apply to any other rare/luxury item that will be added in the future, so you basically have to fight for it instead of finding it by chance.


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I get what your saying evil_genius, I like that idea. If it was done right it could be it's own little side quest or mission everytime you needed to stock up on rares. Very cool idea!!

That are basically my thoughts on this point too. I gotta say I was surprised about
the existence of shopping carts, as I have just yesterday found one, after several
of playthroughs. :-)

Honestly....scrounging a cart is pretty absurd. Really...the only place you should ever encounter one is right next to the town, in some odd grocery store. are you going to move a shopping cart through fields, swamps & the forest? The next time you're at a grocery store, find a patch of gravel & try pushing your cart through it after you're done loading your car. Let me know how that works out for you.

What would be a more viable vehicle would be a bicycle. They're plentiful...easy to find in homes, easy to repair, can go off-road, and can be fitted with baskets to store goods. The downside of a bike is that you're easy to take down if you get caught by surprise, and it's easy to lay an ambush for a biker.

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I see your point, but right now the cart is the only available vehicle, and it doesn't look like new vehicles are coming any time soon.


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I think that'd be a great idea. Though I also have to agree with the previous poster's idea. How about make marshes and swamps visible to give us some visual impediment if we're going though swamps or other areas. Like with a swamp, make it cost 3 MP, Move points, in order to move through it, instead of just one if we were on foot.

Then with cars, have them have a high chance of getting bogged down or run into an angry fuckin tree if they attempt to go into a forest or bog tile.

and on that note I mean, since the supernatural has turned everything tits up. I don't mean a tree in one's way I mean you have a genuine chance to run into a real live ent that really, really, really, haets your technology in his forest.

One of these days, I'd like to have more vehicle variety. Things like bicycles definitely make sense. As do atvs/quads, dirt bikes, old pickup trucks, wagons, etc. Someone even suggested a stretcher-like craftable item, for dragging heavy loads without wheels. So there's lots of room for development.

I need to do a rewrite of the vehicle and movement system before introducing more, though. Like you guys point out, some vehicles are better in certain terrain than others, and it differs from human feet. I'd need each vehicle to have it's own movement cost per hex. It's doable, just lower on the list.

Lastly, there needs to be something to monitor fuel use, for things like atvs, pickups, and the like. Maybe even roughage for grazing animals, like a horse or ox.

Getting back to shopping carts, I like the idea of dangerous encounters to obtain one. In fact, for items in general, that's a cool approach. Similarly, there are some scavenging locations which might make sense, such as shopping centers and big-box stores.

There's also the prospect of repairing vehicles, or crafting them from parts. Maybe the shopping cart throws a wheel, and you need to find a spare plus some parts and tools to make it move again. Or maybe you need to scrounge precious parts and rare fuel-cells to get that dirt bike running?

Lots of room for fun in vehicles. Some day!

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THANK YOU. I would love to be able to repair a shopping cart. Those things are to rare and do not last long enough to find a new one when they die. As a solution to more advanced vehicles perhaps most of the ones in the waste have been scavenged for parts/gas/ etc. So it would be hard to find one but not impossible. Just make gas absurdly hard to find naturally and only a stead supply coming from the Mega City.


That's the same stance I've took, as far as vehicle parts, gas, ect. There is just simply no more low hanging fruit vehicle wise. And it's easy to imagine for me considering the amount of food items there are to sustain the character.

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