Borderlands 2!!!!

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Borderlands 2!!!!

Seven days till Borderlands 2 destroys my life!!!!! I can't wait!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

i'm so glad my professors have a schedule of all the homework and when it's due
i'm doing all of my work right here right now just so i can play more
what's everyone planning to play as? i like zer0, and not because of his looks. i like the stealthy or more dexterous characters in most games, though in the first borderlands i played as lilith because i liked the whole elemental thing.

i think i've invested too much time in this game when i'm carrying a first-aid box full of ketchup packets.


LOL. Yeah im gonna go Zero too, I think. I'm gonna play on xbox. My gamertag is xDusky420x if your gonna play on xbox and need a team mate. I need to ugrade my gold membership though so itll be next week before get online.

Y will play on pc (steam), but im far from canada xD.

Buenos Aires, Argentina...

First day of playing Zero; I've only died 3 times on getting up to lvl 12, all 3 have been due to sliding off an odd piece of terrain into freezing water and being unable to jump out. Am now debating suggesting Hypothermia to Dan XD

I'm getting it, but I'm waiting for a sale on Steam for it. I still have a list of games I bought during the huge summer sale to work my way through. Plus, I still haven't completed conquered the galaxy in X3:Albion Prelude.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

My wife's sister had her baby so we had to leave town 10 hours before Boderlands 2 dropped.

My wife said "Oh my god Trina is having her baby we gotta get to Tulsa!!"

Me: "Is it named Jesus?"

Wife: "You're going to choose boderlands over the miracle of life!?"

Me: "No but let it be known if this were an Elder Scrolls launch then the answer would be YES!!"

Wife: "Whatever...pack your shit!!"

LMAO!! So N e ways got started last night and am loving it. Zero is badass!!


You should be strong...

may the force be with you

Buenos Aires, Argentina...

Yeah...When Skyrim came out, many a relationship ended so that the Dovakin could focus their attention on their true vocation & destiny. I blew off a dinner party under the pretense of watching the kids when this was going on.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

AAAAHHHH Skyrim...those were the days. Moment of silence please....

Been playing borderlands all day. They really give you motivation to want to hunt down this Jack character. Man that guy is a smartass, funny as hell too though. They really did a great job on this game. Very cleverly done IMO . Glad there is some character customization this time, and auto pick-up that's nice too. Have a good weekend all!!

Disregard double post. I accidentally the entire space time continuum for a second there.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Just a random lol for you; if you kill the patient in Ned's office before he gives you the quest, you will permanently bug out Tannis. I had to jump from game to game to find someone who still had the patient alive to unlock my broken quest. :P

Oh really that's funny...I wonder how that slipped by? I already did that mission, by dumb luck I did it in the correct order. When Zed talked about surgery I took it as a joke and went on to Tannis, when I came back to turn in I realized what was going on.

I got killed last night and when I went back to try again the boss character was nowhere to be found so I guess I'm prolly missing some loot. There is a chance that he died right after i died from a frag and did'nt drop any loot but unlikely imo. That's been the only buggy thing I've come across so far.

Does any body know how often you can open the gold chest in sanctuary?


You only get one gold key so you only get to open the gold chest once. Sucks cause I opened it with a low level character not knowing what it was.

I started a new character and got him to sanctuary to see if he could open the chest with his gold key but no go. I guess you only get one gold key for the entire game. Makes sense cause you could do it over and over kinda. If you are starting a new play through I think you should get a key for that character. Even if you put your rares you get from the chest in the shared character locker you still couldn't have a OP low level character cause there's a level attached to the gun. Oh well must be that way for a reason. Thanks gearbox for warning us about the chest.

I'm not sure how but I have a second gold key. I did the same thing you did and opened it without realizing what it was in a multi-player game (We were rushing and opening all the loot drops). I think signing up with Phase got me a second key, since the first seemed to come from the pre-order.

87 bajillion guns; Good god the mobs drop guns like candy now. Even my solo game, guns are dropping faster than I can loot and sell them all.

Possible spoiler; rarespawn NPC - Michael Mamaril (Damn me for having the PC version.)

Hey BloodIndex,

Yeah I saw a guy on youtube talking about how this is supposed to be possible, but it didn't work for me. They also said that you could get with gearbox and email a form to link your account or character, something weird like that. I'm not going to deal with all that.

Yeah the guns come fast. I love the slot machines in Moxxxis bar, I won a free grenade and it went off right in my face lol. What happens if you tip the waitress behind the bar $1,000? I haven't had the money to spare, but am curious that it's something funny?

I apparently generate a bonkers amount of luck for making monsters and slots result in Eridian drops. 3 bars on the slots generates 12. :P Even with a maxed out SDU backpack... I don't have enough space to make one trip to vendor all the guns that drop in a single quest encounter, lol.

99% of them weaker than what I have.

(Teidore are some of my favorites at the moment.)

Oh nice!! I hope I get the three bars of Eridian on the slots, cause 12 Eridian is a lot. That Michael character you linked me too is cool. I had ran into him early, and just thought oh that's cool. Then I kept running into him and I was like ok I see what's going on here lol.

He says: Oh cool another vault hunter, maybe you could use this?

Im like hell yeah i can use that, or sell it!!

Oh and I love that song from the intro, Short Change Hero - by The Heavy, sooooo sooooo good!!

You must be playing the console version then. The NPC is bugged so he's showing up 100% for the console players, and PC players only see him about 5% of the time. I am just a little jealous. The story behind the NPC is touching though. Got a little teary eyed over something so simple. Must be a gamer thing. ;)

My current record from slots if 44 bars before I ran out of money. My IRL playgroup begs to join my games whenever they hear I'm playing slots now. :P

Yeah I'm playing on xbox. Ok that makes sense, I read something on that link that it was buggy but I didn't know if they ment console or PC. The fan in my Gateway FX has stopped working and I'm not tearing this thing down to the frame to change it so that means I gotta wait to pay someone to do it. That also means that I'm going to be getting XCOM Enemy unknown on console, I know sacrilegious and I'm not happy about it at all.

Honestly I would of gotten Borderlands on console anyways, I just cant play shooters on PC anymore. But if XCOM is as good as it should be then I'll be getting for PC too, after i get my rig fixed.

Let it be known I' going after your record!! I'll prolly fail though that's crazy. I'd prolly have to have a million credits or whatever to come close.

I think I spent about 6k on the slots when I got the 44, and another time I spent about 3k until I hit the 12 bar jackpot. My buddies think the vault hunter mod that increases rare drops by 5% might be influencing it, because they cant get it to proc at all when they play alone. It could be a multiplayer feature to get more Eridium on a regular basis.

I have never played XCOM so your not a blasphemer to me, lol

Ok I might have a go at the record then cause I have the relic for the bonus in rares also.

Do you plan on checking out XCOM at all? Jake, i forget his last name but the dev, said that there will be demos for all platforms I imagine on steam prolly here pretty soon if not by now. You should check it out, unless the UFO thing is a total downer for ya.

I think my Boyfriend is getting XCOM, so I'll probably watch over his shoulder for a while, since I've never heard of it before.

I've been in a funk lately though. My playgroup is super pressuring me to play every day, but I can only take gore splatter so long before I start craving something more intelligent and creative. I'm playing it in 3-4 hour chunks about twice a week when I can manage, but I'm actually a bit more focused on Torchlight, Minecraft, and looking for bugs in this.

And being bothered every morning and every evening to go play more BL2 because apparently I only know one other person whose even vaguely competent at staying alive solo in a shooter. XD

Yeah me too, I have to take my borderlands in chunks. I was in a particular spot in the story last night that intrigued me so I played for a little longer, but yeah I'm playing through Elder Scrolls Oblivion again to feed my RPG side till AC3 comes out.

When I downloaded the Mechromancer DLC I got another gold key for this new character so that is really cool. Think I'll wait till I'm at least level 30 or so before I use the key, I think, I don't know what would be best really? If you don't use the key for the majority of the game then what's the point right? Guess I'll just save for if I get stuck on something.

So I've got 4 characters, 3 for different playgroups and one for solo. I was on my solo the other day and ran across my first Badass Shock Skag.

.... I love a game that kills me seven times before I figure out how to kill my opponent. Holy crap I didnt know they could do that. XD

Oh that's cool I haven't run into one of them yet.

Re dying: I made it to the fridge last night and got owned. I'm going to check the level attached to the mission cause I've got some decent guns. Whats confusing is I don't have any side quests to do so I can't go level up and come back to it OP. I must have declined something but I don't know where so today is gonna be a long day of back tracking.

There's no easy way to do this that you can think of is there?

Edit: Ooops answered my own question. Now Ive got some undiscovered missions on my objectives screen and it gives you the region there undiscovered in. They weren't there yesterday but I'm not complaining lol. That should make it a lot easier.

Oh and the level attached to the Fridge after sanctuary disapeers is level 16 and I'm level 18 so I guess I'm just not cutting the mustard. lol

I think my highest at the moment is 16, the group I play with has been having a hard time meeting up, and it looks like its gonna be a week before I can play with that team again. I'll probably work on my solo campaign soon to deal with that, 'cause some of my buds are ahead on the game and I cant ell its hurting them to keep their mouths shut 'cause I don't want spoilers. XD

I have had one tip though; Do the arenas as soon as possible, dont overlevel them. The mobs scale to your level, but the mission does not, so you'll get better loot for your level if you dont ignore them.

Which will be hard for me. I get distracted any time I see a head pop up within range of my sniper and have the tendency to get several levels ahead of my buddies by wandering off into the wilderness and soloing 3 man encounters. XD Turns out the person who does the killshot gets the most exp. Heh, "Whoops".

Ok...What are the arenas though? The slaughter dome I got with pre-order? Or you mean PVP arenas? I never updated my gold membership through xbox cause my two best friends that I play with ran off to Japan for a year. This makes for a less enjoyable experience than borderlands 1 When we all played together for sure.

Is there single player arenas?

The arenas I'm referring to are the wave battle pit fights that BL1 had. I haven't done them myself so much as info from my playgroup (They've got some duo setups for when I cant play, I'm monitoring way too many game communities at once XD), but they say its a lot like the arena against the Crimson Lance in BL1.

I've also been told if you went through Gamestop for your pre-order, you can invite in anyone who didn't do the deal, and that will be the ONLY way non pre-order customers will be able to get into the arena. You might find yourself with some new buddies if you opted in to that. I didn't know about it or I probably would have. :P

ok I know what your talking about I think I came across one and turned it down. I remember them from Boderlands 1. I'm going to go back and do it before I go up in level any more like you said. Thanks for the tip!!

Yeah Im going to renew my membership I definately need some new xbox friends. And with XCOM coming in a week I'm going to need it so I can play multiplayer albeit with strangers.

BTW; Badass Shock Skag. My buds tell me this happens with corrosive and burning too, though each element has its own effect, I haven't run into them yet. Shock will mostly just be strong and painful on its own, but if there's other Skags around, it will electrocute them and turn all of them into Shock Skags of the normal variety... Then send chain lightning through all their bodies. I'm pretty sure the damage increases based on how many Skags the bolts channel through before they hit you. I second winded 7 times and outright died 3 times before I was able to kill a full pack of 12 that jumped me. I dont know what Acid or Burning do, but I'm scared. XD

I wondered if you were talking about a badass skag earlier. I'll have to remember shock for skags!!

Have you made it to the fridge yet after the ordeal at sanctuary? I did all the missions that I had undiscovered and have to go and try that mission that kicked my ass. Some beer will definitely be in order the next attempt cause it'll prolly be an all night affair lol. I'm happy the game is somewhat challenging albeit only in the shooter aspect of the game, but that's what I expected.

I'm soooo excited for XCOM to launch next week so I can fulfill my strategy itch. The shiny is rubbing off Borderlands pretty quick, but the story is good and I dig the humor so it's not a grind for me. I'll prolly wait awhile till I go for a second play through though.

You wanna know what my favorite quest is?............ SHOOOT ME IN THE FACE! COME ON SHOOT ME IN THE FACE! Yes that quest.
"Shoot this guy in the face"
Shoot this guy in the Face
Not in the arms
Not in the legs
Not in the torso

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