Debug save after death

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Debug save after death

From my previous thread on random heatstrokes:

"I don't think there are any fevers which should cause organ failure, though, unless other factors were combining with it. If you ever run into this again, and have a save game copy, I'd be interested in seeing it!"

How about a button on the death screen to generate a debug death save. Just something to dump the last state of the game into, before it is gone for good.

Nice idea, could prove useful.


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I think this would be helpful too! In cases like this anyway.

This would really help if it dumped the save to Dan's server and had you attach a message to it. That way the bugs with usefull data can get looked at quickest.

That's an interesting idea. What might actually be fastest is if I just create a "game over" save game, just before the character data is wiped. That way, folks would have the last known state of their player in a save file to share, if needed.

Theoretically, such a file could be renamed and used to load a game, but I think they'd just load a dead character, ending the game again.

Definitely worth some thought. I'll look into it. Thanks!

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This would definitely be a good idea.
Just now, I died without a clue why.

I was playing medic, tough, botanist, melee, trapping, strong with metabolic short-eyed.
I was in a good shape: max food, max water, max sleep, burdened, mild blood loss.
I had rested the day before and cured some wounds from a dogman fight, but ALL wounds were gone.
I had all moves for the day left, started scavenging in the woods, found something but also released a ? creature.
Went in the inventory, took my trusted meat cutter out of my backpack and into my hand, then clicked continue.
Screen goes black without telling me what's attacking and says, I died from bleading in the lungs after 39 days of scavenging.
I'd love to check out the save file, but it's gone for good. *hmpf*

Player was gored and eaten by a sabretooth tiger.
Survival Time: 48 days, 16.51 hours.